The history of Hip-Hop is incomplete without mentioning the undeniable influence of Chicago. A plethora of legends have left an indelible mark; Paving the way for a new generation of artists who’re writing their own stories. Taking pride in the Southside is Kayo; One of music’s promising emerging talents whose serene yet assertive array of […]

Metro Boomin’s impact transcends the typical collaborations listeners fiend for. Aside from his versatility on the boards and a signature sinister sound, he’s become one of music’s most prolific producers largely in-part to his charismatic nature and ability to provide a cinematic experience with each release. It’s been 4 years since the first installment, NOT […]

Traditionalists have commonly critiqued this new era of music due to the vast differences in the realm of R&B. What was once simple vocals and melodies is no longer. Now we are witnessing the embodiment of traditional R&B qualities but expanded into a dynamic approach that pushes the needle into multiple genres.  Vesta, a charismatic […]

For those who do not know, Waasi is an independent hip-hop musician from Charlottesville, Virginia. His current catalog features 2 very distinct projects; From Virginia With Love & his most recent release, No Love Lost. What I have come to love about the novice is his continued growth which is very prevalent in his bodies […]

Deviant, Vibrant & Alluring are 3 words that come to mind when describing the music of Saekyi [“Sah-Key”]. The Virginia artist’s “sound” is very different from any traditional rapper which instantly attracts you to his catalog. Bolstering a unique style, there are no boundaries when it comes to what the novice can assemble for his listeners.  […]

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