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Novice Talk: Saekyi

Maturity & Evolution are perfect words to describe the artist otherwise known as Saekyi. If you’re not familiar with the Virginia native, you should be. We interviewed Saekyi in 2021 around the time he released his stellar debut EP, Sunset’s Demo. Since then, his trajectory has skyrocketed.

It’s been a week since Saekyi released his latest EP, Angels Don’t Call Me (ADCM). The newest installment to a tremendous story is the VA talent at his best thus far.

Executive produced by Brandon Jhon, ADCM can be characterized as vulnerable. Saekyi provides insight into his deepest thoughts on an array of decorative instrumentation. A positive contrast from his first EP is the grimness of the sounds. Sunset’s Demo is light-hearted in comparison to ADCM’s dark charm. There’s a perfect balance of R&B and Hip-Hop to highlight Saekyi’s overall dominance as a versatile artist to watch.

With 9 songs, Saekyi continues to improve and show that he is to be taken seriously. Decadent flows and harmonious choruses are prevalent and play a major role in capturing the essence of a stellar EP. There’s a level of lyricism on ADCM that emphasizes his growth.

NP was able to sit down with Saekyi to go in depth on Angels Don’t Call Me and discuss many things pertaining to Saekyi’s music career. An amazing conversation you’re sure to love. Available now on YouTube by clicking here. You can also check a few highlights below!

Interview Highlights

Everyone who listens to Angels Don’t Call Me is changing my life. 1 stream means the world to me because you never know who is listening.

– Saekyi in Novice Principles Interview

Cherry: What’s the difference going into ADCM than with Sunset’s Demo’s?

Saekyi: Sunset Demo’s was that, it was a bunch of songs with no intention that worked together. We went into ADCM’s process 2 years ago…there was a different level of focus behind this project.

Cherry: This project captures you as an artist. How do you feel about ADCM?

Saekyi: I really wanted to get off the bench. I dropped Taking Me Back but that was it. The idea was never to do numbers, it’s just getting the songs out and letting people live with this music. I feel great though and it hasn’t sunk in.

Cherry: Can you describe your relationship with Eric Penn & Brandon Jhon?

Saekyi: Angels Don’t Call Me doesn’t get made without them. There were so many sessions in New York where we just talked and didn’t even make music. Certain experiences helped grow my knowledge and give me the space to create.

Cherry: How’d you decide on the title?

Saekyi: Originally it was supposed to be called The Forgotten. Angels Don’t Call Me happened while I was writing a song. Once I figured out the title it helped everything make sense.

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