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AlbumsMetro Boomin: Heroes & Villains – ATL Listening Event

Metro Boomin: Heroes & Villains – ATL Listening Event

Metro Boomin’s impact transcends the typical collaborations listeners fiend for. Aside from his versatility on the boards and a signature sinister sound, he’s become one of music’s most prolific producers largely in-part to his charismatic nature and ability to provide a cinematic experience with each release.

It’s been 4 years since the first installment, NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES. This was an adventure through space in which we witnessed stars shine over Metro’s colorful instrumentation to create an unforgettable project.

On the heels of releasing the 2nd chapter in a historic trilogy, the masses are privy to being a part of another electrifying motion-picture titled, HEROES & VILLAINS. This project is a moment to celebrate the musicianship of Metro Boomin whilst showcasing a variety of artists in a way that will have everyone debating the best song, verse, etc.

Stunning is the perfect description for the ambiance that was his album listening experience.

The St. Louis native hosted his peers and a select-group of fans for the first official listen to HEROES & VILLAINS at the Silverspot Cinema in Atlanta, GA. He MC’d a phenomenal night that included the viewing of the short film starring Lakeith Stanfielf, Young Thug & Gunna; Directed by Gibson Hazard who was in attendance. The prominent presence of Morgan Freeman is now a highlight to look forward to. The crowd also got a glimpse at an official music video and course the playing of the album.

“We’ve been working on this album for over 2 years.”

-Metro Boomin stated

Metro has created a culture of combining two expressive art forms; Music & Cinema. Utilizing specific themes tailored to fit the characteristics of his music helps capture the visual prominence when tuned in and makes each record of his feel like a scene in a Christopher Nolan film.

Hearing the album in a movie theatre is a special experience that cannot be duplicated. You could hear the vibrant bass and wide variety of instrumentation throughout glaring through the theatre speakers. This is all happening while being on a roller coaster of this phenomenal album.

Labeling Metro as a composer is an understatement. HEROES & VILLAINS feels like the scoring of a film’s soundtrack. Each record flows into the next with the assist of Morgan Freeman to narrate the highs and lows of a city under siege.

With 15 total songs, there are a plethora of significant junctures that will be the topic of discussion; Amongst many are the exhilarating and fierce verses from Future on SUPERHERO and Young Nudy on Umbrella with 21 Savage. Savage’s continued dominance and evolution as an all-around artist is a major high point we hear. Don Toliver’s presence is another major highlight; A true shining moment for the Houston star. All the remaining features are going to blow you away.

This album is a clear progression for Boomin as a staple in music and for the artists involved. Metro received all hands on deck from the artists we will get to hear. HEROES & VILLAINS is scheduled to be released this Friday, December 2nd and the public is sure to be receptive to it.


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