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Novice Talk: LesTheGenius

In the diverse world of Hip-Hop, where artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, Raleigh, North Carolina-based rapper LesTheGenius has emerged as an artist you should be aware of. With his new EP, Chasing The Sun, LesTheGenius invites listeners onto an enthralling journey through his unique perspective; Showcasing his versatility, lyrical prowess, and unwavering determination.

The North Carolina native has been steadily building a dedicated fan base with his authentic and innovative approaches. His smooth flow and delivery is packed with emotion, drawing listeners into a beautiful story from the opening line. The serene energy blends to offer an aura seemingly incomparable.

Chasing The Sun is a testament to his evolution, and it stands as an ambitious release that is bound to capture the attention of those enthusiasts looking for tasteful musicianship.

In an interview with Novice Principles, Les’ radiant and unselfish character shine. Throughout he praises his team members and uses the phrase “We” as an indicator his purpose is bigger than him. From growing up in Raleigh to the current state of music and the importance of community, there’s more to the humble yet fierce musician. He also teases a new EP as a “Side B” to continue an epic tale.

LesTheGenius Interview

Cherry: We are very excited for you and your EP. How do you feel now that you’re a week from the release of Chasing The Sun?

Les: I feel great. It is a little overwhelming even though we’re ready for the day. The process of getting to release day can be a lot. It’s crazy just thinking about that; Now people get to hear [the project].

Cherry: So what does release week look like for you?

Les: It’s just getting everything in order. We really have most things planned out already as far as promotion and the post-rollout.

Cherry: How’s Your Mental health?

Les: My mental is in a good place right now. Although life happens, I always feel level-headed because I know where things are headed for us. It relates back to Chasing The Sun and finding peace in the journey.

Cherry: Let’s talk about you growing up in Raleigh. What’s your earliest memory of music?

Les: That’s a great question. It’s being in the car with my dad running errands or on the way to school. I remember Foxy 107 being on the radio. We also listened to a lot of music being sampled at the time. Hearing the different styles of production was an influence for me.

I can’t live without Hip-Hop. It brings me peace and has allowed me to access my emotions. I’ve also been grateful to cultivate relationships and grow with [Hip-Hop].

Cherry: What’s North Carolina like?

Les: Raleigh is interesting. Growing up in NC is dope. There’s so many things to do and as far as music, we’ve always had a beautiful scene. Right now we have a crazy amount of emerging artists who are all coming up at the same time.

Cherry: We can jump into the conversation we’re all here for. What was the process of Chasing The Sun like?

Les: This process was a little different because I knew what I wanted to do this time around conceptually being that I was between two states of mind. This is the first side of a two-sided project; Chasing The Sun & Dodging The Moon. For Chasing the Sun, I was inspired by what I was going through at the moment during the COVID period of time.

Cherry: What makes right now feel like the time to drop?

Les: Throughout the whole process after getting a shoutout from President Obama in 2019, the buzz really started happening. With the homies we’re still just doing it for the love of music but no real plan behind it at the time. You learn through trial and error what it takes to become consistent.

I learned how to conduct myself and navigating various relationships. During this entire process I’ve gotten closer to finding balance.

Cherry: What’s your favorite record on Chasing The Sun?

Les: Right now, it’s probablyTen Missed Calls. My favorite changes often. All of the records resonate with me at different times.

Cherry: What do you like to do that’s not music related?

Les: Everything we do is kind of music related. We love community service and just had our first event where we went to Women’s shelters around Raleigh to help out. Curating events as well. I also love creative direction.

Cherry: When people press play, what do you want them to take away from Chasing The Sun?

Les: I want them to understand the story. Everything you do has a give and take. There’s not one path for every person. Even if you fall off your path, you getting back up and keeping going is what matters.

When it’s all said and done, I want people to know that everything I did was out of love and I was honest.

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