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InterviewsNovice Talk: ZAIRE

Novice Talk: ZAIRE

In today’s era , there aren’t many artists who’ve got the creative mind as a producer to go along with being a recording artist. This is a main difference which can separate everyone in the long run.

We’ve seen success in this sense of being a dual-threat from some of the biggest names such as Pharrell, Pi’erre Bourne, Juicy J & Kanye West. New Orleans native, ZAIRE, is one of those unique upcoming artists whose ready to leave his mark in music.

ZAIRE has been involved with music since an early adolescence; Reminiscing on the drumline days in grade school. Citing early influences from more legends such as Mannie Fresh in the realm of true artistry, the stellar young artist has shown heavy promise.

Now is the time for ZAIRE to elevate and add to his bag as a recording artist. There are many that have assisted in his continued growth and he’s ready to show the world what more he’s capable of. His charisma and authenticity speak volumes for what’s coming.

My sound is Innovative, Timeless & Worldwide.

– ZAIRE in latest interview w/ Novice Principles

Releasing this Friday is ZAIRE’s debut single, ‘Better With You’. Also produced by him; Listeners will get a glimpse into both of his worlds. The stellar Afro-infused record is perfect for the vibes we’ve received as music consumers this Summer. Pairing meaningful, hearty lyricism with an array of instrumentation and a vibrant upbeat tempo make this song highly replay-able. An impressive debut for a recording artist who has much more in store.

ZAIRE sat down with NP Founder Alex Cherry to discuss his beginnings, the transition from producer to recording artist and his newest single ‘Better With You’ which releases tomorrow, July 15th. Be sure to check the full interview now via the Novice Principles Youtube Channel.

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