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Novice Talk: Deangelo Xavier

The resurgence of Norfolk, VA as a figurehead for musicians has been astonishing to witness. There’s a plethora of talented artists equipped with a variety of flows, wordplay and techniques to separate themselves amongst the masses; A new generation to carry the torch for legends whose influence is undeniable.

A lyricist to who has all the tools of a star to pay attention to is Deangelo Xavier.

There’s an aura surrounding the Virginia native and his music. Personally, he’s a reserved individual; Detailing he rarely listens to others because of an intentionality to create music without the influence of what another has created.

His personal traits are vastly different from the music he releases. A dynamic formula of confident lyricism, explosive production and a unique arrangement of artistry have been characteristics to define Deangelo Xavier.

His newest offering, Gone Fishing, is a phenomenal glimpse into an artist ready to make his mark in music. Recently, Deangelo signed with G-Man ENT. and is preparing to open up for Griselda‘s Rome Streetz on March 31st in Virginia Beach.

NP sat down with the talent to discuss an array of topics including his introduction to music, vision for 2023 and his thoughts on performing amongst much more. You can check out a stellar interview below!

Deangelo Xavier Interview

Gone Fishing is the project I catered to myself. I did what other people wanted me to do and I started doing what I wanted with this album.

Cherry: I was recently listening to your project Gone Fishing but I know some things happened. I wanted you to detail that exactly.

DX: In January, I signed my first deal with G-Man ENT. Group; They’re a label based in Virginia Beach. Gone Fishing is being re-released with an additional Deluxe. Being an unsigned artist, there were many things marketing wise I didn’t understand and so with the label they’re going to help push my brand to bigger heights.

I’m always going to be Deangelo Xavier. I live by the motto “nobody can be you but you.”

Cherry: Let’s take a few steps back. What was your experience like growing up in Norfolk, VA and to be from an area enriched in so much history?

DX: I didn’t get into music until about 2016. My family [Red Carpet Club] was popping out here around that time; I studied rap a lot and that was how I learned. I’ve always worried about myself and how I wanted to present myself to the world. Surprisingly enough, i’m actually a R&B head. I’ve never wanted to be influenced by anyway in the rap space.

Cherry: When did you decide you wanted to take rap seriously?

DX: I’ll say my debut album, WhiteWalls in 2017. That’s when I found my rap voice. I could sit back and “talk” rap. That’s when I knew I could do this.

Cherry: How was the quarantine period for you and what’d you learn from it?

DX: I released You Can’t Sleep Without A Pillow during that time. That album was very intimate. I didn’t let that time period dictate my life so everything was the same mostly.

Cherry: Last year you began performing. Do you enjoy performing in front of crowds?

DX: I love it. I started performing in March [2022] and performed about 50 times. My very first performance was in front of 200 people; Once you get on stage, yea I get butterflies but once you say the first word nothing else matters.

Cherry: Where’s a place you want to perform in?

DX: I want to go to Amsterdam more than anything honestly. They love the origins of rap.

Cherry: As an artist, do you check your stats on DSPs?

DX: Absolutely. If you’re not…you’re doing it wrong. Especially with Gone Fishing, that’s why i’m doing a re-release under G-Man with three or four new songs on the deluxe; They’ve been helping me in that space but I love this album.

The grind is the fun part.

Cherry: What’s your vision for 2023?

DX: I’ve already opened for Smif N Wessun. I’m about to open up for Rome Streetz on March 31st. There’s a lot of stuff being worked on behind the scenes I can’t talk about just yet but i’m excited for what’s coming this year.

Cherry: What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone fearful of starting out as an artist?

DX: Don’t be afraid to mess up. You can follow the process of being perfect but there’s no such thing as; Perfection is nonexistent. Don’t try to follow trends because nobody can be you.

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