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ConcertFreakHoe Music Festival

FreakHoe Music Festival

The FreakHoe Music Festival was filled with good vibes, good drinks & great memories in the rebirth of “FreakHoe De Mayo.” A sure sign that the future is bright in this new era.

For some it felt like school days, being able to re-live the beloved affair while realizing how special it is to see the evolution.

Others though, it was their first taste of what has been spoken about for years. The newcomers are going to narrate their own thrilling stories now to their friends and be on edge waiting for what’s next.

The ambiance of the night was amazing. Believe Music Hall was the perfect location. The stage setting was beautifully done with radiant colors illuminating the room and various logos transitioning randomly. There was also a sizable balcony area to enjoy the show from another point of view. Bars stocked with your favorite spirits and sectionals for some attendees; The vibes were immaculate.

DJ Tarxan opened the show displaying his talent on the turntables and set the tone early.

Hosted by Fly Guy DC , the performances were sensational. Klondike Blonde & Myles Yachts performing their collaboration, Asianae as well as The Taylor Girlz appearing & Tokyo Vanity’s energy lighting the room up were a few unforgettable moments.

Skooly & Asian Doll were fan favorites. Their presence alone set the room on fire. Listening to classics live like Wonder Why & Nunnadet Sh*t are times to give flowers to the talented artists we love.

Travis Porter’s energetic set summed up the Festival and legacy of FreakHoe De Mayo. Attendees were able to enjoy TP’s classic catalog extensively while also performing some of their recent music from Travy Estates. The crowd interaction sets them apart from many performers and it was a major highlight.

As the concert came to a close , there was a feeling of nostalgia leaving and that of optimism entering the body. The FreakHoe Music Festival was a night to remember and a new beginning for the Founders.

It will be exciting to see what the future for FreakHoe De Mayo entails.

Novice Principles would like to take a moment to thank the Founders of FreakHoe Music Festival for allowing NP to cover a stellar night.

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