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InterviewsKiree3600: On The Heels of Munna World 2

Kiree3600: On The Heels of Munna World 2

The last time NP spoke to the prodigious talent, Kiree 3600, was before the release of a notable collaborative project, E And Three. Now we are days from his highly anticipated first release for 2023 titled, Munna World 2. The heart & soul of Suffolk, VA is on a mission to continue his rise as one of music’s top emerging talents.

A compelling 2022 was due in part to a variety of stunning projects paired perfectly with substantive visuals to feed his fans. His year could be defined by his ability to be ferocious as a lyricist on any beat.

Kiree 3600 has perfected an emphatic technique and lyrical flow to keep him in the conversations of a name to pay attention to. He’s manufactured a formula effortlessly reeling others into his music.

We’ve been privileged to witness an array of dynamic verses already from the Virginia native but he’s assured us we haven’t heard his best just yet.

Munna World 2 is sure to be potent as Kiree continues to improve with each drop. His newest project and first of 2023 is available to the public on April 5th.

In a new interview with NP, we were able to get insight into the mind of one of music’s brightest stars. He provided details on all things related to Munna World 2, including the number of songs, guest features and his overall feelings going into release week amongst other things.

Kiree 3600 Interview

Cherry: We have a very special guest with us. I’m going to let him introduce himself and we’ll get right into it!

Kiree: It’s the boy Kiree 3600; “The Last Hope.” What it do?

Cherry:We’re on the heels of Munna World 2 dropping. How do you feel?

Kiree: I feel great. Impeccable really. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction [to the project].

Cherry: Is there a significance behind the April 5th release date? You dropped the first Munna World on April 5th of last year.

Kiree: Honestly, no. Me & my team picked a date to lock in on. Why not drop the second one around the same time as the first?

Cherry: Last time we talked was before your 2022 release, E And Three. Music wise, how have things been since?

Kiree: Things have been great. It’s been more networking, meeting new artists and elevating overall. Me & my team have been striving to get better every day.

I feel this is one of my biggest tapes yet.

Cherry: The first Munna World had 4 songs. How many are we going to get on this one?

Kiree: I’ve got 11 on this one.

Cherry: You’ve been pretty concise as an artist in terms of minimizing the features. Are there any on this one?

Kiree: There’s three (3) features. I ran it back with Young Crazy. My boy, 1realfatty; This is our first feature and my brother, Won P. I’m excited to introduce him [Won P] to the world.

Cherry: What’s the vibe?

Kiree: I bought so much more energy; Even tapped into a new energy and surprised myself. I’m always listening to what people say and they want this; So it’s what I came with.

Cherry: As a rising artist with a lot of eyes on them, you probably have many people on a day to day basis asking you about something music related. How do you cope?

Kiree: I try to disconnect from anything music related. I like to do things that don’t have me sitting down like hooping, drawing or exercising. I appreciate that people are curious because I could honestly have nobody; They keep my driven.

Cherry: Around these times when you’re getting ready to drop, what’s your communication like with people in your circle?

Kiree: Around rollout time, i’m locked in. If you’re not contributing to anything related to the tape or whatever is dropping at the moment then you just have to wait until I get out of that mode.

Munna World 2 is a whole different energy. There’s a lot of emotion in it. I got personal.

Cherry: When the project drops, do you plan to celebrate?

Kiree: I don’t have anything planned yet but I do [at the same time]. I feel this is one of my biggest tapes so I want to do something.

Cherry: What does a successful 2023 look like for you?

Kiree: I always want everything I drop to be better than my last. Continuing to gain and just seeing an incline is success to me.

Cherry: After the release, what’s next for you?

Kiree: We’re working. I’m full throttle this year. I’ve got full tapes already put together. More tapes, more visuals…everything. I’m outside.

Cherry: Kiree, we’re wishing you the best on the release of Munna World 2. Do you have any final words?

Kiree: Munna World 2 on April 5th. Get in tune and stay in tune! We’re going up.

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