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The 2nd album in a four week span of major artist releases, Future’s I NEVER LIKED YOU (INLY) album initially carried an eerie feeling that made it questionable on its release date. The difficulty of a first listen however is it never tells the full story.

The rap community assembles to give early thoughts for an artist of Future’s stature but deep critiques and rushes to judgement take away from the beauty of any album. The Atlanta legend’s notoriety warrants a midnight listen especially after a 2-year wait between his last solo project.

INLY is one of his more intricate project’s in recent memory and worth the continued listen as we progress into the Summer. It puts into perspective how far the star has come in his career and the consistency he provides fans.

I NEVER LIKED YOU is reminiscent of EVOL & The WIZRD due it’s sinister, “trap-heavy” production and boastful verses throughout. Both EVOL & The WIZRD were also polarizing projects upon release which have stood the test of time in Future’s legendary catalog. INLY seems to be following suit.

As the world returns to some sort of “normalcy” with Summer 2022, this project is meant for outside consumption.

His star-studded collaborators Wheezy, Southside and TM88 amongst others assist in the album’s overall frequency but the standout is Future’s right-hand producer ATL Jacob. Another all-around performance like the one displayed on The WIZRD, puts him in the conversation of best producers in music.

712PM & I’m DAT N***A set the tone early; Similar in lyrical content but the dominant energy behind the 712PM intro makes it a more compelling record. Songs such as GOLD STACKZ, MASSAGING ME, WE JUST WANNA GET HIGH & HOLY GHOST speak directly to the dynamic theme of money and power we witness throughout. PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ, LOVE YOU BETTER, THE WAY THINGS GOING & BACK TO THE BASICS possess their own ambiances forming them into major highlights.

Most of the features narrate their own stories as opposed to speaking for the entire project. KEEP IT BURNIN reminds everyone that Kanye is one of the greats and can easily tap into his hip-hop bag anytime he decides to. In theory, FOR A NUT would have been a banger but it’s not one of the more memorable moments. EST Gee stakes his claim as one of the best young talents in music with his efforts on CHICKENS while Kodak Black‘s vocals assist to a stellar record in the mystique of VOODOO

Drake & Future are a historic pairing in music. From the early days of Tony Montana & Love Me, to their celebrated collaboration What A Time To Be Alive, to a #1 record, Way 2 Sexy; Their chemistry is undeniable.

I’M ONE ONE is a vintage outing by the pair; Trading verses and flaunting all they’ve accomplished. WAIT FOR U samples the sensational TEMS ‘Higher’ vocals and it made for a significant moment for the trio. The sensual record’s production is vibrant and graceful. Very fitting, even over tasteful beats the pairing can’t resist hidden messages, exposing everyone to more “toxic” culture. The record debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and is shaping to be a Song of the Summer as well as a Song of the Year contender.

Overall, Future‘s I NEVER LIKED YOU is welcoming the world back to a sense of normalcy with Summer on the horizon. Heavy trap influences make it re-playable in most settings and one worth growing with. An appreciable project from an established legend that will be in conversations as we enter the 2nd half of the year.

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