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Novice Talk: P$O Kwama

We have an an urgency in this era of music to find artists that fit the mold and constant formula seemingly over-saturating the music market. To find gems though, you have to be patient and understand the emphasis is on emerging artists. The less-familiar stars are making some of the best music currently.

There is no set formula but having a distinctive sound paired with incomparable production and a unique personal story are vital to longevity. Dallas-Based artist, P$O Kwama, is exactly the kind of artist to be paying attention to.

Originally from Brooklyn, P$O Kwama is a talented musician whose pleasant, swag-filled flow contributes to his stellar artistry. His Caribbean ties and adolescence, being a member of the percussion section in the band, assist in his overall production usage.

Now is the time for fans of new music to become familiar with the star. Just days away from his newest EP, Shades of Blue; The project is a perfect vibe for the Summer. Totaling 5 songs & a run time of about 15 min, we get a glimpse into the highs and lows of Kwama’s first experience in love.

“RIDE WIT ME” is an elegant and vulnerable opener where Kwama reminisces on the good times with his love-interest. We then get into the records “YOU A STAR featuring Devy Stonez” & “ROUND & ROUND” featuring Dandii Sun which have racy, upbeat tempos that are going to sound amazing on those outside excursions with the sun out and windows down.

GEMINI PRIDE” is a standout track due to the vibrant production and mesmerizing vocals on display from Kwama alongside EBO, Donny Domino and LonelyB who are featured. “LOVE IS BLIND” has been out for some time featuring Dandii Sun and Cush With a C. We’re gifted with a remix that adds Neaux ID onto the story-telling masterpiece.

The production and lyricism are major highlights to P$O Kwama’s first project since his 2020 EP, GEMINI. There are many moments on Shades of Blue where Kwama shines as an artist and breathes life into the high replay value of this EP.

Kwama stopped by Novice Talk to discuss Shades of Blue, his transition from Brooklyn to Dallas and what he’s looking forward to once the project is out amongst many other thoughtful topics in an amazing conversation with founder, Alex Cherry. You can check out the full interview now by clicking here.

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube page and check out Shades of Blue, available this upcoming Monday, June 27th.

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