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Novice Talk: Y5 Mad & Y5 DP

Music has been fortunate enough to experience many amazing recording artists throughout our time. Providing us with memorable verses, complete features & unforgettable beats; This formula comes together in part because of the producers they collaborate with.

The conversation about an artist’s ability to create “harmonious” music with specific producers has become a growing conversation worthy of being discussed in-depth.

It’s important to understand producers and rappers who continuously collaborate can be compared to peanut butter & jelly; A thorough combination that won’t fail you. Building a catalog together can only allow each to share a path while sustaining and growing with a consistent fanbase.

Emerging musicians such as Y5 Mad & Y5 DP are taking heave to this and ultimately understanding what it takes to continue evolving.

I feel Rockout 3 is the energy people want and the best we’ve executed for a project thus far

– Y5 Mad in Interview w/ Alex Cherry & Novice Principles

Natives to the city of Atlanta, GA are Y5 Mad & Y5 DP who are both ready for the moment. Their brotherhood spans years in the making which has assisted in an effortless chemistry.

DP is the recording artist with a unique cadence and a swift sense of lyricism, making him a rapper that fans need to be tapped in with. Mad is the talented & emphatic, multi-faceted producer in whose embracing the nuances of what music is shifting towards.

We’re not depending on each other to make it but we’re depending on each other to hold one accountable and play our part

-Y5 DP in Interview w/ Alex Cherry & Novice Principles

Their latest offering, Rockout 3, is the energetic 3rd installment in a series of stellar artistry whilst being a witness to the continued growth of two musicians who are sure to be household names in the near future.

The major difference in Rockout 3 from their other works is the maturity shown on the project, heavy doses of live instrumentation and the prevalent rock influence. DP & Mad showcase their stellar abilities throughout which can be heard on stunning records such as Been Told You feat., Used To Know, Say My Grace feat. K Wales, Let It Ring & Walking Dead to name a few.

A project equipped with great features only pushes the conversation forward; Kkanii, Young Jordan, BigPat, Woo Glizzy & all leave their indelible mark on the project with unforgettable verses.

Rockout 3 is exciting and ultimately will have you deep diving through the rest of Y5 Mad & Y5 DP’s catalog to re-discover some of their older songs

In our latest conversation, the talented pair sat down to discuss all things related to Rockout 3, the affects of the quarantine period & what’s to come amongst more. You can watch the full interview via YouTube now by clicking here or see below!

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