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Novice Talk: YICTITAN

Atlanta, Georgia is home to many legends, former and current. The musical pipeline established over the years has undeniably made it the Hip-Hop capitol of the world. Atlanta’s presence has only become stronger in this new decade with many emerging artists to be attentive to. One impressive name in particular is YICTITAN.

YICTITAN, aka OG 12, is a promising talent from the city of legends. The incredible fusion between harmonizing and brilliant, soulful bars, his music carries a distinct sense of passion felt in every note. The Atlanta native’s level of wordplay is eye-opening and will gravitate you towards him even more than the vocals and rhythms will.

His latest project, Elegance, is 12 stellar songs that capture the intricate meaning of the title and explains his overall, unique sound perfectly.

YIC is authentic, intriguing and insightful. It speaks volumes to how he views himself. Seemingly at peace, there’s still a hunger deep within that drives him.

Understanding his reality as “slept-on,” YIC knows what it will take to reach new heights. For now though, his main goal is to continue creating meaningful music that resonates with his growing fan base. It’s only a matter of time before the masses catch on.

In an amazing, impactful conversation with Novice Principles’ founder Alex Cherry, we learn more about YICTITAN, his growth as a musician, Elegance and what lies ahead in the near future amongst many other topics in a new episode of Novice Talk w/ Alex Cherry.

Check out interview highlights below and/or listen to the new episode via Spotify & Apple Podcast. If you prefer visuals, also available now is the full interview on Youtube(See Below)!

Interview Highlights

Cherry: We have a special guest today so we’re going to let him introduce himself and jump right into it!

YICTITAN: Yessir, it’s your boy YICTITAN, aka OG 12…full of elegance with a lot of flavor and a lot of drip. Here with Novice Principles, talking about principles

Cherry: So YIC, since we’re talking about principles, what are some that you live by?

YICTIAN: The main principle I stand on and live by is “The impossible is possible. I feel like that 1 principle alone gets me through each day and everything comes full circle. The energy I give, I like to get in return. No limits, no boundaries.

Cherry: I read something saying you’ve been making music since 8 years old. Is that correct?

YICTITAN: I was really a wordsmith, writing poems. I knew how to translate it into music because I liked how it made me feel. I love listening to music and it made the transition from a wordsmith to an artist smooth.

Cherry: Was music always set in stone for your path?

YICTITAN: Honestly, No. I had hoop dreams. I was “That.” I thought that was going to take me far but I came to a point where I had to choose. They were both getting serious at the same time and I chose to go all in with music; That’s where I found my purpose. I’ve been trying to eliminate all doubt whether I made the right choice. The realization of Fear that comes with doubt was groundbreaking for me and has helped me in knowing that it’s already written.

Cherry: As an emerging artist, what are some difficulties you’ve seen through your process as you continue to grow?

YICTITAN: The being “slept-on” part. I’ve come to terms with being up and coming. Networking is cool but it’s a pain being overlooked and treated like you don’t take music serious sometimes. I’ve realized a lot about the business side of music and still learning. It’s like a game of chess.

Cherry: Let’s talk about your project, Elegance. How’d you decide on the name Elegance?

YICTITAN: When you think about elegance, you think about an effortless beauty. I feel I embody that word that makes it undeniable. My whole being is elegant. I’m very reserved but my energy is felt. I could be the quietest in the room with the most going on. That’s elegance, just like me as an artist it’s a slept-on word.

Cherry: How do you combat the feeling of you feeling alone and relating it to your process for Elegance?

YICTITAN: Every song was an elegant process. I don’t write anything, I just let it come out. Speaking my life through this project and translating it was crazy. I’ve experienced a lot that benefitted me. Everything is just authentic and I can’t really put into words the process; It’s just from the source. Making good music and impressing myself is all that matters to me.

There’s much more to this brilliant conversation and one of the best we’ve had thus far. We look forward to witnessing the many future successes that are in store for YICTITAN. Make sure to check out the full conversation and stream Elegance!

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  • Storm

    Definitely most slept on. Your time is coming Titan! Great interview.

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