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ConcertBahja Rodriguez – Live @ The Masquerade ATL

Bahja Rodriguez – Live @ The Masquerade ATL

R&B has a compelling aura at the moment. Decades worth’s of legendary names have left irreplaceable marks; Crafting seemingly an impossible path to recreate those type of moments. This has created a contentious conversation around the current state of R&B.

Even so, there’s a plethora of talented, emerging artists who possess stunning voices, are impacting the culture and generating timeless records to leave an indelible footprint in music. A name to be familiar with who’s equipped with all these tools is Bahja Rodriguez.

The Atlanta native is familiar to being in the spotlight; From her early days as a member of the OMG Girlz to a redefined solo career. She’s ready to establish a new legacy.

A captivating songstress’ with an alluring voice; Enhanced with a powerful tone, she put forth a dynamic showcase last Friday, March 3rd at The Masquerade. She performed alongside 3Breezy & KB Mike; 2 stellar emerging artists people should be attentive to as well. An overall memorable night for the native and hometown crowd.

Bahja’s performance was electrifying. Blissfully showing us there’s no boundaries to her range. It was remarkable to hear the star harmonize live. Her stage presence is elite. She embraces the world-class ability to command an audience in true MC fashion. These characteristics assist in narrating an amazing story.

She performed various records including her most recent singles, All Mine and You as well as songs from her Pretty Girl’s Don’t Cry – EP. The crowd was visibly and audibly in tact with Bahja the entire show; Screaming her name and reciting her most heartfelt lyrics.

Before the night began, NP had the privilege to sit down with the charismatic talent to discuss an array of topics which included establishing her own legacy, the current state of R&B, mental health and much more.

You can check out a phenomenal interview below!

All Photography By: Jamaree Woods

Interview w/ Bahja Rodriguez

Cherry: We are live from the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA and we have a very special guest. I’m not going to say too much more so I’m going to let her introduce herself.

Bahja: I am Bahja Rodriguez. I’m 26 years old from Atlanta, GA and I’m excited to be here.

Cherry: I appreciate you being here with us. How do you feel tonight?

Bahja: I feel really good. Sometimes right before I get on stage, I get nervous but overall I feel good. I pray before every show but I still get nervous; I think because it’s a natural human emotion.

Cherry: On the topic of mental health, How is yours currently and what was the pandemic/quarantine period like for you?

Bahja: I’m in a really good space emotionally and mentally; Very excited about the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the pandemic period because I had a recording set-up at home. I felt I was really able to find my sound and figure out who I am as an artist. It gave me the confidence I needed to know I can make a smash.

As an artist, it’s easy to get caught up in “everybody is sleeping on me” but that’s more preparation time so when your moment does come, you’re ready for it.

– Bahja stated when asked about Principles

Cherry: Do you feel like you’re slept on?

Bahja: No. I think I have to work harder though. My work will speak for itself. I’m in a really good spot right now with great people in my corner. People are taking notice to what I’m doing. We just have to continue to put out good music.

Cherry: Knowing many R&B legends are from the city, what does being from Atlanta mean to you?

Bahja: It means a lot. Atlanta is the culture. We tell the world what’s cool which makes it important to be great because the eyes are always on us. Being from here matters to me.

Cherry: When did you know you wanted to pursue music?

Bahja: I’ve always known. In Kindergarten I was singing opera. My teachers would tell my mom that I could sing and to put me in lessons. This was a catalyst for what I really wanted to do.

Cherry: Your journey is unique; What difficulties do you have as an independent artist?

Bahja: It was challenging in the beginning because I wasn’t quite sure how to rebuild. I trusted in God as my provider to provide me with everybody I would need. Luckily, everyone on my team is family. I’ve created my own machine and it’s been very rewarding.

R&B is in a great place and very much alive…It’s only going to keep elevating. There’s many albums out right now that speak to me.

– Bahja gives her thoughts on the current “State of R&B”

Cherry: What’s one thing you like about performing?

Bahja: Seeing how my music impacts people for the first time. I love seeing people who’ve never heard of me get a feel for what my music is; To get to know an artist, you should see them live. That’s my favorite part.

Cherry: What are you looking forward to tonight?

Bahja: A lot of my friends & family are here. It’s a real family vibe going on so i’m excited they’re here to support me.

Cherry: The You visual out and All Mine are circulating right now. What’s your biggest goal for 2023?

Bahja: To continue elevating to the highest power. I want to drop an album but mainly elevate; Make this year the best it’s ever been. I want to tour this Summer.

Cherry: When it’s all said and done, what do you want your legacy to be?

Bahja: I want to be remembered for being the best I could be in everything, not just music. When people talk, the conversation should be she strived to be the best she could for the people she loved and in everything she does.

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