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InterviewsNovice Talk: Mynameisntjmack

Novice Talk: Mynameisntjmack

The emerging music scene in Virginia is on the way to reaching it’s most prominent peak yet. As each day passes, the stardom of someone different seems to be on display. Artists from all across the state are shining at the right time and contributing to the dominance at hand. One musician playing a pivotal role in the state’s affairs is Mynameisntjmack.

The (757) native has an amazing intricate style. Radiating in duality, Mynameisntjmack is a lyric phenom whilst showcasing multiple unique personalities through his music. His stage name has much meaning to it as he continues to travel down the path of self.

His latest project, The Lords of Sounds and Lesser Things is an epic journey where the Virginia native’s artistry thrives. An array of instrumentation assists in an unforgettable introduction for new listeners.

NP was able to sit down with Mynameisntjmack and learn more about a star on the rise. Discussing his beginnings, the meaning of VA and breaking down his latest project amongst so much more. You can check out this thoughtful conversation by clicking here and some highlights below!

Interview Highlights

Cherry: What’s the origins of your name?

Mynameisntjmack: I used to go by .jmack and that was because I moved around a lot growing up. Everywhere I went it was always “JMack” so mynameisntjmack came out of that duality of identity, trying to to be more honest and find myself through the music.

Cherry: How do you feel about the emerging scene in Virgina?

Mynameisntjmack: I love to see it. It’s great to see so many of us doing great things. I had the chance to perform PREROLL/BUNKER with Tommy at Saekyi’s inaugural show. We don’t have a regional or one sound so everyone is unique and not tied to anything specifically.

Cherry: What’s a difficulty you’ve had as you’re rising?

Mynameisntjmack: It’s not taking anything personally. Having to fight ego, it’s important you don’t take everything personally especially from people whose opinions you respect and want. Each and every day I ask myself more of what I can do as opposed to projecting.

Cherry: What’s feeling surrounding The Lords of Sounds and Lesser Things now that it’s been out for a few months?

Mynameisntjmack: I scrapped the original project. I didn’t have that perspective and so when my situation got better I was in a great place of feeling inspired to make the album. I was so excited about the response that it made me ready to keep creating.

There’s so much more to this amazing conversation so be sure to head to our YouTube channel to check it out!

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