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Novice Talk: Kai Ca$h

Hip-Hop has been the trendsetter for the world’s culture since the emergence 50 years ago. New York City plays a major role as being the birthplace and been the foreground for a plethora of legends who’ve cemented their legacies; Leaving lasting imprints as we know it.

As such, New York City and the boroughs that make up the historic landmark continue to impact music; Standing forthright as a “mecca.” There’s an array of talented artists carrying the torches first lit all those years ago who are ready to formulate their own legacy. One name that is sure to be a name people will be discussing in the near future is Kai Ca$h.

The Brooklyn native is a talented phenom who has had the privilege of knowing music since his adolescence.

Ca$h is a fierce lyricist depicted by his hard-hitting and cutting edge verses that will leave you speechless. He showcases a level of poise in his music seeping with confidence. His selection in production is very abundant which assists in allowing his thrilling artistry to shine.

While continuing to trust the process, he’s landed a home as a signee to Generation Now.

Although music is a mindset, he’s made it clear his passion is also his profession. It doesn’t define the person he is though. Even so, Ca$h acknowledged the hard work he’s put in is what’s gotten him to where he currently is today while also stating he’s nowhere close to his full potential.

There’s many characteristics to an inquisitive and insightful personality. In a sit down conversation with Alex Cherry, Kai Ca$h thrived in expressing himself. They discussed mental health, Kai’s long-term vision, his latest single Rather Be and much more.

You can check out the highlights to a stellar interview below.

Kai Ca$h Interview

Cherry: Thank you for taking the time out to talk. How are you?

Kai: I don’t remember the last time someone asked me how I was in an interview. Thanks for asking. Life’s good. I can’t complain and I’m alive; That’s the most important thing. You get a chance to do whatever you want and I take pride in that. God got me and I got this; So i’m good.

Cherry: How’s this year been for you trying to adjust to the pace of how fast the days are?

Kai: In all honesty, it’s been cool because my way of working is year-round. Every day is a work day. I was looking forward to this Summer being a vibrant one but it doesn’t feel like Summer time. It feels as if we’re waiting for it to still happen.

Cherry: This year we’re celebrating 50 Years of Hip-Hop. You’re from where it all started. What was your experience growing up in New York?

Kai: My mom was a singer. She always had an amazing ear so she helped sonically. My dad was more of the in-person guy; Going to studio sessions, being around certain people like Lil Kim and [Notorious] B.I.G., video shoots…I was able to see the business side of music at a young age so my musicality stems from them both.

Cherry: You’ve been around the industry since an adolescent. What’d you learn early before you really jumped into it?

Kai: The severity of “getting to it.” How consistent you have to be in order to be successful. Seeing how fast life is as well as how tiring it can be. I realize how much hard work goes into it. Everything may look good on TV but behind the scenes most people are up 5 to 6 days straight because this is their life.

My biggest goal is ensuring my message gets across to the people it needs to reach.

– Kai Ca$h when asked about his most important goal

Cherry: What hobbies do you have outside of music?

Kai: Music is everything to me. I like to create graphics though. I’ll go on Pinterest for inspiration. My first source of income was my clothing line. In my spare time, i’ll be on YouTube just to learn something new.

I also released a book a few years ago titled Tranquil: Overcoming the Experience. It’s an anxiety guide. I learned to cope with mine when I was in college. Everybody deals with anxiety in some form.

Cherry: I saw your On The Radar freestyle and it was insane. What got into you?

Kai: I had to show out. I was getting acquainted to being signed with Generation Now and they set it up for me. I had a talk with my team and I knew I had to be ready this time around.

I felt great recording the freestyle because it was just me and the two cameramen. My energy was up to par the whole time.

Cherry: Do you like to record in the studio with the minimal?

Kai: I used to record with just me and maybe one other person. Things are a little different now but my sessions are never too hectic. I really only need water and my hard drive to have a good session. I’m still building my studio vibe.

I went back to New York to shoot the video for Rather Be with Ali Dope.

– Kai Ca$h when discussing his latest single

Cherry: With the momentum you have, what does the rest of the year look like for you?

Kai: I’m just dropping at this point…literally. I can be in my head a lot and I know creatives can relate. I have records that are already limited to projects I see coming in the near future.

I want to be conceptual with my ideas but also feed the people as i’m growing as an upcoming artist. I haven’t dropped [a full project] in a while so I want to keep the momentum up by flooding with singles so when the time comes people are ready.

Cherry: How do you stay motivated each day?

Kai: Remembering where I was at one point and seeing the people who’re supporting me now. Being the resilient person I am…i’m not begging for support. Having the mindset to “go get it” is how I stay motivated. I have a great team and support system that’s always believed in me; Sometimes more than myself.

Cherry: Do you have any last words?

Kai: Rather Be is out now. The Ca$h socks are out now. Be the best version of yourself. I’ve got new music on the way.

For those who don’t know who I am…i’m Kai Ca$h. Don’t forget the dollar sign!

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