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Novice Talk: Kayo

The history of Hip-Hop is incomplete without mentioning the undeniable influence of Chicago. A plethora of legends have left an indelible mark; Paving the way for a new generation of artists who’re writing their own stories.

Taking pride in the Southside is Kayo; One of music’s promising emerging talents whose serene yet assertive array of lyricism separate him from many. He displays a level of confidence through his personality & music and that alone will make you a fan before listening to stunning records such as MEMORIES & TALK .

His debut album, It Was Fun While It Lasted, is 12 songs in length and an emphatic way to properly introduce himself to those who may be unfamiliar as of now. Kayo released the lead single, Make It Real, to begin 2023. The record explores the depths of platonic relationships that seemingly can form into an everlasting romance at any moment.

A divine production compliments a composed wordsmith; Creating a song that checks all boxes for what tasteful music is. Kayo received an assist from vocalist Morgan Gold whose graceful tone adds value to the overall beauty of Make It Real.

On the eve of his Debut Album, ‘It Was Fun While It Lasted’, NP caught up with the rising talent to discuss all things related to the album, mental health, Kayo’s long-term vision and much more in a brand new conversation.

You can check out a few highlights from this Novice Talk now or jump straight to YouTube to watch the full interview by clicking here.

Kayo Interview Highlights

Cherry: Kayo, how are you feeling right now with the release party tonight and knowing the album is about to come out?

Kayo: Honestly, anxious. My anxiety has been jumping because we’re in a place now to where there’s no looking back. We did all the ground work and that’s easy to do but everything being done is done with a lens on us.

Cherry: Has there been a moment for you yet where you realized that all eyes are on you?

Kayo: We’re not where we want to be yet but I think all of my peers are starting to have a newfound respect for me. The end goal was always to become stars in our own right but I will say it’s flattering as hell that people are having a great reception to the project before it even drops.

Cherry: I watched a previous interview of yours and you spoke about dropping out of high school…

Kayo: I always wanted to drop out. I was sending my stuff to Roc The Mic as a kid when I wasn’t as nuanced to how difficult being a rapper is.

Cherry: What does being from Chicago mean to you?

Kayo: It’s an honor because this is a hub where many greats are from. We’re known for a high echelon of talent and creative ability so to me it’s an honor. Trying to grow in this city is hard because of how many great artists there are, so to even be in the position where people are talking about me, is an honor.

Cherry: I wanted to jump into the music and talk Make It Real first. The record itself is a play on a platonic vs Romantic relationship, does that sound right?

Kayo: The place I was in on that record is where I was artistically, not in my personal. I wanted to make a song that told the “in-between” story; A person I get along with but we’re not together…why is that? That’s when I knew this was going to be the single because I was just flowing [while recording].

Cherry: Let’s talk the album, It Was Fun While It Lasted. What was this process like for you?

Everything has to be purposeful. I want people to come out of their first listen saying this is the album of the year and the only way that’s possible is to have a purpose for every part of the project. -Kayo in interview w/ Alex Cherry & Novice Principles

Kayo: I kinda had a cheat code because I haven’t dropped a body of work the way this is dropping. This project went through 3 or 4 phases and I began working on it right before the pandemic.

None of the songs that were on the first draft of the album are on here. The pandemic affected many people negatively including me and mentally, I was in a bad place at first.

I eventually got back into a great place and gave the title a whole new meaning. You can see the fun “while it lasted” in any situation.

Cherry: How do you feel about the album? Is there anything you would change about this process?

Kayo: Honestly, no. I think we did everything at the highest level we could; The best quality. A prestigious level is the only word I can really use to describe how I feel. I wouldn’t change anything.

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