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AlbumsREVIEWED: Young Nudy – EA Monster

REVIEWED: Young Nudy – EA Monster

Nearly a year has passed since the pride of East Atlanta was in the spotlight. There is no way to understate the importance of his contribution to 2021. A stellar year in music wouldn’t have been complete without DR.EV4L and Rich Shooter. The return of Young Nudy is a major breakthrough after a year-long hiatus.

Despite being one of rap’s most underrated stars, he takes great pride in serving his fans with the best. A testament to the consistent quality and development of Young Nudy’s catalog is his latest mixtape, EA Monster, which has catapulted him into music’s forefront. 

With Nudy’s latest installment, he continues to evolve in confidence, gritty flows, and authenticity, while showing the unrivaled chemistry and collaborative dominance with Mojo Krazy, Pi’erre Bourne & Coupe

It has the classic feel of Nudy Land with all the attention it has received over the past week. In the end, it combines the culture from his 2021 works into one breathtaking, energetic street mixtape.

The mixtape begins with Nun To Do (prod. By Mojo Krazy & Whatitdoflip) & KitKat (prod. Pi’erre). An outstanding opening number, these 2 tracks along with No Chaser (prod. Coupe & Pi’erre), Lunch Meat (prod. Pi’erre) & Sick of Slime (prod. Mojo Krazy & Jebeyond) are reminiscent of the Nudy many have grown to love; Rugged, hard-hitting production topped with a dynamic sense of lyricism to create powerful street anthems. There’s a euphoric aura to these sharp records.

EA Monster has a cinematic feel throughout in part of Coupe’s overall contributions. Impala, My Gang & Ready are all stand-alone, incredible records with various space-like sounds crafted to fit a Quentin Tarantino film. Coupe compliments Nudy’s chillingly smooth flows to generate timeless music.

Fresh As F**k continues that universal, spacey sound but is a more boastful & cocky anthem where Nudy reminds his haters he’s here.

"I'm Fresh as F**k how about You? 
And I'm Icy Too" 

Coupe excelled on DR.EV4L , Rich Shooter and Anyways, and EA Monster continues to show he is a vital component of Young Nudy’s overall ascension.

Project X (produced by Pi’erre) serves as a reminder of just how amazing this pair is. From the second you press play, Nudy swarms the beat, grabbing our attention with his passionate lyrics about his feelings for individuals. This remarkable Outro features a catchy & attentive chorus to assist in how complete the track is. Pi’erre left no stone unturned to create magic.

Duntsane (prod. Coupe) was released in the Spring. A major takeaway of the record was the stunning performance by BabyDrill. He’s gained much momentum with the assists of Nudy and this record allowed him to shine as a lyricist. The pair provide us with a fiery back and forth montage of wordplay which has kept the song in rotation since its initial release.

EA Monster is an opportunity for veteran fans to appreciate how far Young Nudy has come as an artist and for fresh ones to become acquainted with a name that is rising to the top.

The project contains numerous noteworthy instances where Nudy shows off his star potential while the elite production plays a sizeable role to the overall replay value.

It is now doing quite well on Billboard, Apple Music, and Spotify charts so it will be exciting to witness what Young Nudy does going forward now that he is officially back.

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