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Short ReadsHip-Hop 50: Where Are We Headed?

Hip-Hop 50: Where Are We Headed?

Hip-Hop is a sacred union that has withstood the test of time; A diversification of distinct eras molding an unrivaled versatility. It’s amazing to witness the constant evolution of a genre aging gracefully at 50 years old. Cultivation at it’s finest as the world’s blueprint to the culture shows no signs to slowing down.

Understanding the historical importance of Hip Hop is vital as the crown comfortably remains in place. As we celebrate 50 years of historical dominance, it’s necessary to look towards the next 50 years.

Being in the social media era of Hip-Hop is difficult because discovery is harder than ever as someone is releasing music every day. Realizing there is an oversaturation happening, intentional music discovery has become important. An abundant access to artists makes Hip Hop a genre where there’s a lane for anyone.

Metrics have become a measuring stick for “good music” which is unfortunate. A star isn’t determined by the number of views they have on TikTok or a snippet going viral. Talent will continue to be what separates the greats. Although, artists do have to be able to market themselves and be able to appeal, that doesn’t mean the music needs to take a back seat.

There’s a notion right now that Hip Hop is “boring” but that is simply not true. You’ve got to dig in the crates a little bit. The indie scene is a beautiful sight now as the next wave of stars are ready to leave their mark. The emerging women of Hip Hop are dominating the space and will be doing so for the near future.

Publications, micro-blogs and other styles of platforms are also at an all-time highlighting artists every day; it’s finding what your niche is and sticking with them. Reminiscent of the legendary blog era. Hip Hop will continue to evolve as new trends emerge. Who will be setting those trends? That question can be answered by any artist willing to put themselves on the front line and become a historical imprint.

An emphasis on the emerging artists is important as we move into the next 50 years.

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