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InterviewsNovice Talk: Ashlee White

Novice Talk: Ashlee White

It’s an amazing sight to see when Ashlee White decides to drop music. Her stunning flows paired with an array of elegant placed production always set the tone for immaculate vibes.

It has been about a year since we last heard from the emerging talent hailing from Woodbridge, VA.

When we last spoke it was about her phenomenal project, Chameleon. Still in rotation, the mixtape has an everlasting affect mainly due to White’s eclectic verses. The VA native is back from a lengthy hiatus with her newest single, The Deal. White continues to fulfill with a captivating sense of artistry making this a homecoming of sorts.

We recently had a chance to sit down with Ashlee White where we discussed her new single and the positive outcome of her break amongst so much more in a genuine conversation.

You can check out highlights from our conversation below and/or listen to the full length dialogue in a new episode of Novice Talk available now via YouTube.

Interview Highlights

Cherry: Last time we talked was around your project Chameleon. How’s it been since the initial release?

White: Me and a few close friends were in Miami around the time I released the project. They surprised me with a cake. It was cool to be out there with the people who have invested in me.

Listening to Chameleon now is crazy. I feel like I can see myself and I’m using it as a tool to help with my process.

Cherry: How do you feel about the new single?

White: This music is so honest that I’m excited to share it with everyone. I wrote ‘The Deal’ at the beginning of the year but the more I’ve developed, I knew I had to drop. My friend Nuse produced it and you’re going to be bumping the entire time. It’s a real story about my individuality.

Cherry: Since you’re back outside, what else can we expect?

White: My entire family and time, I want us to step out more and get used to seeing us (N’Tune) as a unit. I’ll probably drop 2 more singles or a whole pack; I’m impulsive so you never know.

There is much more to a very thought-provoking and genuine conversation that was more of a talk than a Q&A. Be sure to check out our interview available now!

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