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AlbumsREVIEWED: Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

REVIEWED: Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

Martin Scorsese films such as GoodFellas, The Wolf of Wall Street and Casino are powerful stories filled with a dynamic sense of substance. The same could be said for Pusha T’s newest album, It’s Almost Dry; A cinematic thrill every rap fan needs to experience in 2022.

In a decade thus far where many albums haven’t been awe-inspiring, IAD feels like the end to filler projects and the return of focused, concise music. It stands out amongst this year’s albums mainly due to its’ cohesiveness, boastful wordplay and explosive production from legends Kanye West & Pharrell Williams.

The 12-song project feels like an immersive compilation of his previous works but completely upgraded. Each song flows into the next and feeds off the energy of the previous. It’s exciting and gritty with the (757) authenticity Push has carried forever as displayed on the very personal, opening record Brambelton.

“Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss” as he pronounces himself on Let the Smokers Shine The Coupes, is a fitting nickname for the legend whose raps are catered toward the product. It’s the way he narrates individual stories on IAD which assists in the theme, making his music addictive and keeps listeners wanting more, just like a dope fiend. It is also a very lazy take for any critique to be that this is all he raps about.

IAD sees Push expressing himself throughout in a state of luxury and proudly letting us know he’s in a different league. Records flaunting in that success like Neck & Wrist featuring another Goat in Jay-Z, Hear Me Clearly and Just So You Remember, a Public service announcement of sorts practically telling others to step their game up and reminding us what principles he stands on.

Just so you remember who you dealing with
Look outside, the landscape ridiculous
Motion lights surrounded meticulous 
Architectural Digest my premises
-Pusha T, Just So You Remember

On Just So You Remember, he also states he’s the villain in rap. His take on being the “Joker of Rap” isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending how you look at it. Plenty times you hear push moving the needle and seamlessly challenging the current generation of artists.

The wordplay on the album is incredible. Verses such as those in Dreamin of the Past, Open Air & Rock N Roll are the Virginia native at his best. “Career’s in it’s eighth gear, nothing left to do but levitate…I’m David Blaine here.”

Hearing him collaborate again with his brother Malice after many years, reforming the historic Virginia pairing Clipse, was a major W. Produced by Kanye and also featuring Labrinth, I Pray For You is an appreciative moment leaving us wondering will there be a project soon.

Push has shown through the years that some of his most potent work comes with assists from Kanye & Pharrell on the production end. The chemistry always shows how instrumental they’ve all been in each other’s careers. 2 legends sharing the load on IAD, you hear the similarities in the beats they craft but also the distinct differences whether it’s the 808’s, samples or other key areas to producing the sounds of this album. Both were remarkable but it is a great conversation to be had whose side of the album one prefers.

It’s Almost Dry is an amazing body of work. There were many positives to take away from one of Rap’s longest standing kings. The verses were stellar, the legendary production compliments Push’s remarkable storytelling and the album is cinematic in nature. When it comes time to discuss the top albums in 2022, IAD will absolutely be apart of the discussion.

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