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InterviewsNovice Talk: Murdarock

Novice Talk: Murdarock

The artistic ability of musicians from Virginia is becoming very prevalent in the present age of Hip-Hop. Virginia has been a pioneer for a very long time and that is due in part to the icons who paved the way. In this new decade however, there is a renaissance happening. Artists are emerging each day and new names are being discovered. Murdarock is one to keep your eyes on.

The Virginia native has only recently associated himself as a rapper but his timing is perfect as the contemporary generation unfolds. Hailing from Woodbridge, Virginia but his roots in the state span all over. Poetry has been a tool of his since an adolescent but a stint at Hampton University, freestyling with his peers, allowed the musician to find his craft and realize this is a route worth taking.

He has no timetable for the art, sighting that his path is unique to him. In Murdarock’s most recent release, The PreRoll, you will hear glimpses of Larry June & Notorious B.I.G. while hearing an incredible beat selection that will draw you to the artist. He is still finding his sound but being in the early stages of a rap career, everything is trial & error.

The “GGO” founder has high expectations for his brand as time evolves. Murdarock is preparing to flood the scene with releases and visuals in 2022. Experimenting as an artist while displaying his talent. In a candid conversation, we learned a lot about a musician eager to leave his imprint.

You can check out highlights from Murdarock’s interview below and/or listen to the full segment via Spotify & Apple Podcast on a new episode of Novice Talk W/ Alex Cherry.

Conversation Highlights

Cherry: So, tell us how you got started?

Murdarock: I’ve been into music since I was in the 2nd grade. I would say I just started taking it serious about 1 year ago though. I went to Hampton U for a little bit but it (school) wasn’t for me. I knew what I wanted to do and decided to take a leap of faith. Me & my friends always freestyle’d and they would tell me to pursue music full-time. After I left school, I felt like I had a story to tell so freestlyes turned into full recording sessions.

Cherry: When I listen to your music, I hear influences of Larry June & Premo Rice. Would you say that’s correct in assuming they are your biggest influences?

Murdarock: Yea, definitely Larry. I love the smooth West Coast sound. Biggie is probably my all-time favorite rapper so he’s up there. Curren$y & Dave East as well. Most influences are geared towards the beats that I use. Youtube “type beats” has been my go-to. I’m still finding my sound so everything is experimenting and figuring out what I like.

Cherry: What do you find the most difficult part of being an emerging artist & seeing rap as a full-time outlet?

Murdarock: Trying to build a team & funding. I’ve got the vision but that’s the biggest thing. I’m not making any real money from music currently so it’s difficult to fund studio time, promotion & videos. I love making music though which makes things easier. I’ve started my rebrand with GGO in order for me to use the brand to profit and dump that income right back into the music.

Cherry: You spoke about GGO, can you tell us more about it and what it stands for?

Murdarock: It’s a collective. It started off in a studio session with friends saying “Good Gas Only” but it grew into more. When I say it now, it means something of quality. It could mean “Show Gotta Go On” and we’ll throw the money sign in front of the acronym. Don’t let the trials & tribulations of life get you down and keep working. We’ll be dropping a dope clothing line soon (no timetable) and also introduce a charity (Good Guys Organization). I’m blessed so I want to give back to my community.

Cherry: Being from Virginia and seeing the bubbling music scene, what does being from VA mean to you?

Murdarock: I lived in almost every region of VA. I don’t think we have a distinct sound, just a lot of smoothness. I love the community here. The vibes in Richmond, Norfolk and NoVA are unbeatable. I love being from here and will never forget where I come from. I’m just now discovering the VA music scene and realizing we have so many dope artists in here.

Cherry: So, Your project that’s out right now The PreRoll has some really good songs on there. How do you feel about it?

Murdarock: I had most of those songs for a long time and just wanted to show everyone where I was at, like a checkpoint. The PreRoll is a collection of songs I made in my first year getting into the studio. I want my next project to be cohesive. More organized and concise to where it sounds like it was all recorded in the same session.

Cherry: What’s the game-plan for 2022?

Murdarock: I’ve been making some really good music. Im hoping to drop 3 projects this year and it feels like they’ll take me to the next level. I also plan to keep dropping visuals and being consistent so the people can continue to see me and get familiar.

Cherry: I appreciate you stopping by, did you have any last words?

Murdarock: Yea man, I just appreciate the opportunity & love the platform you have with Novice Principles.

We are very excited for fans of new music to become familiar with who he is and to see his continued growth in music. You can stream ‘The PreRoll’ on all streaming services & can also listen to the full conversation via Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

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