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AlbumsREVIEWED: Young Nudy – GUMBO


Although hoisting a menacing presence, Young Nudy is Rap’s underground hero. Years of consistency, defined by a colorful choice of song titles, a plethora of projects with unforgettable moments, defiant lyricism and an evolving producer class has allowed Nudy to state his case as one of music’s faces for the new generation.

We’re now privy to the latest installment of his story titled, GUMBO.

Gumbo as a dish is filled with a variety of sustenance to create a tasteful offering; That’s exactly how one could describe the latest album from the East Atlanta native whose stardom is now on full display. He’s just served an array of appetizing records while simultaneously putting the masses on notice.

Long-Standing fans are no stranger to the barrage of “food-related” records such as Hot Wings, Barbecue & Blue Cheese Salad to name a few that have been a major attribute to characterize his artistry. Fans have been asking for this style of project for a while. What better time than now to introduce the “Food Album?”

This newest chapter is a villainous, 13-song album with the essence of an artist who’s finally broke through the ceiling. The project has the upbeat, street feel of the early Slimeball mixtape series days while containing a noticeable level of maturity.

Although Nudy doesn’t stray away from the sinister lyricism boasting about his lifestyle, his confidence on hard-hitting records like M.R.E, Okra, McChicken, Duck Meat (prod. Cicero & Travis Marsh), Shrimp (prod. Maestro) & Hot Grease (prod. Kid Hazel) create vigorous, replay-able records.

He’s emphasized taking a “trip” with GUMBO and part is due to the euphoric ambience of production. Pancake, Portabella, Pot Roast (feat. Key Glock & prod. Pi’erre Bourne), and Fish & Chips are songs crafted with a gritty elegance; Cunning lyrics assisted with an array of alluring beats fit for the occasion.

Passion Fruit and Peaches & Eggplants (feat. 21 Savage) are two (2) records that allow Nudy to vibrantly express himself in a different way. “Lover Boy” music one could call it; Showcasing his feelings for the women he involves himself with.

Nudy has a “Shaq & Kobe-like” chemistry with Coupe that has allowed both to shine since Anyways; Feeding off one another’s abilities have formulated into a sensational recipe. GUMBO is a moment to recognize the duo as one of the best rapper-producer combos currently in Rap.

GUMBO has grasped the attention of many in the Rap community. If it was questioned before, there’s no longer about Young Nudy being one of Rap’s faces for the new era. Currently #2 on the Apple Music Overall Albums chart, the album is a chilling showcase of a talented artist who has been waiting for his moment.

With his tour ready to kick off this month, it will be exciting to see how the album performs and to witness it in discussions as the year continues.

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