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InterviewsNovice Talk: Yung Sunny

Novice Talk: Yung Sunny

Virginia Beach is the centerpiece when it comes to Virginia music. Arguably, the greatest producer of our time, Pharrell, and the legendary, Pusha T amongst others, have the pleasure of calling the (757) region home. They’ve been catalyst for the cardinal state’s music scene and continue to inspire many to pursue their dreams. The emergence of musicians from the area has our fullest attention and one to keep on your radar is Yung Sunny.

A product of Virginia Beach, Yung Sunny is establishing himself as someone we want to grow with. His smooth flows cater to his ability to generate boastful, heavy-hitting verses. His earliest EP, 2 Headed with his right hand man Shaddy, is an early indicator of who they are as a duo. ‘Detour’ however, is a 12-song introductory into the versatility & talent on display from a promising act.

Music was always in the cards for Sunny, stating he’s been writing since an adolescent age. His bloodline is filled with creativity as his father ihas many ties to the scene as a former rapper and now, producer.

Even as a novice, he understands the formula it will take to be a long-standing artist. Patience is a value instilled within the VA product and that is going to pay off fully. Yung Sunny spoke with Novice Principles Founder Alex Cherry in what was a candid discussion about Sunny’s continued journey, the Virginia music scene and what he envisions for 2022 amongst other topics. You can check out highlights from this conversation below and/or tap into the full conversation now on the Novice Talk Podcast via Spotify & Apple Podcasts!

Conversation Highlights

Cherry: For everyone who may not be familiar with you, where’d your journey begin?

Sunny: Back in middle school, we used to be in class making beats and would get in trouble. My pops has a background in music and I would be in the studio with him all the time. It caught my eye and he even put me on some of his songs doing adlibs….My first love was dancing and everyone knew me for pop-locking…I didn’t really take rap seriously until about 2 years ago. I love to write and music is my coping mechanism. As an artist it’s a beautiful thing to be able to control people’s emotions with our talent.

Cherry: As an emerging artist, what do you find difficult for you in your process?

Sunny: I’m young and have a lot going on in my personal life. Many things people have access to, I don’t because of my priorities but I like it like that. Maybe I wouldn’t be rapping if I wasn’t in the situation Im in. I write based on what’s going on in my life so it helps.

Cherry: Touching on Virginia. VA Beach is the center of attention, so what does that mean to you?

Sunny: There’s so many legends from here that make up this city. It’s a blessing to be from here. To see events like Something In The Water happen, which is our Rolling Loud, it’s amazing. The vibe is unique and something I take seriously.

Cherry: You & Shaddy are a duo, what’s that dynamic like?

Sunny: We’ve been thinking about coming out with another tape. 2 Headed-EP is us showing we’re versatile and flow together. We made the whole project from my couch. We barely got any sleep during that process but we knew we had something special. That’s my brother, every-time we’re together it’s all good motion. Stay tuned for more.

Cherry: Congratulations on your latest tape, ‘Detour’. What was that process like for you releasing your first project?

Sunny: It’s a slow grind. I never wanted to rush and I have to love what I’m putting out. I called it Detour because there was a lot going on in my life during the process. I felt like I was going through a necessary transition. I had went out to LA for an album release party and was getting a lot of love and feedback. I learned that you have to have an open mind while recording. It allows you to have fun and a good record will come naturally. Everything is a process and I’m understanding that. I’m in my own lane just focused on bettering myself.

Cherry: What do you envision for 2022?

Sunny: Summer’s coming and I plan to drop a lot of visuals. I want to be able to have crazy videos that keep the art consistently moving. We’ll see what happens from there but just taking things one step at a time.

Cherry: What word of advice would you give to someone looking to get started in music?

Sunny: Even just as a creative, keep the negative energy away. It’s easy to get distracted and be focused on other’s opinions. I had to learn that and it’s helped me along the way. Everyone’s path is different but if you’re doing something that you love, time will tell all.

Cherry: I appreciate you chopping it up , this was great. You have any last words?

Sunny: Summer is coming up and the takeover is coming, Look out for the collab tape with me and Shaddy. Blessings and much love!

An amazing conversation and we wish Yung Sunny the best on his journey. Be sure to give him a follow to stay up to date with all that he has coming up.

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