Novice Principles

Novice Principles is a creative publication founded by Alex Cherry centered on emerging artists & present-day storytelling in music. As time progresses, Hip-Hop consumers are always looking for a fresh sound to add to their library. Novice Principles provides insight into the journey of many emerging artists. Also showcasing stories worth telling in music such as concerts, album reviews and more. NP is also dedicated to curating the best, creatively structured playlists for continued enjoyment for our readers.

Alex Cherry

Alex Cherry is the founder of Novice Principles. An alum of Morehouse College, Alex has a keen love for Hip-Hop and the various artists whose catalogs he has come across. He understands what makes an artist unique is their individual sense of musical style. The creation of Novice Principles was nothing overnight but more of a recurring idea in 2020 that has now been sprung to life. The platform allows him to express his love for the genre through storytelling while also “putting people on” to many new names. Always representing his home state of Virginia, Alex wants Novice Principles to also be a place where VA artists can get looks by a fresher set of ears. It is with hope that the publication will not only cater to those active in finding new music but people looking for fantastic, creative reads about topics in music.

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