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ConcertYoung Nudy – Live From The Fillmore

Young Nudy – Live From The Fillmore

There’s no secret that lately we’ve been anxious to step back outside and witness some of our favorite artists live in concert for what feels like the first time in a long time. With concerts & festivals open for business all around the country, it’s great to see artists getting back to touring. It only felt right that my first show in almost 2 years was no other than my favorite rapper, Young Nudy.

Typically, I’ll be in Atlanta for Nudy’s shows because the home crowd atmosphere is unbeatable but this time around I was in Silver Spring, Maryland @ The Fillmore. Fun fact, this happened to be my 3rd time seeing Nudy perform live. My first time was at Spelhouse Homecoming in 2018 & then Fox Theatre in 2019. The Atlanta star happened to be very much underground at those points but you could tell that he’s reached new heights since then. 

From the tour merch to the show itself, the concert was beyond amazing. Getting to see other emerging stars from the PDE/4L/Slaughter Gang tree like G5ive2feetbino & 21 Lil Harold perform some of their hot songs made way for stellar openers before Nudy came on stage. When he finally stepped out, the crowd went berserk. ‘Revenge,’ which is the intro on DR. EV4L was the opener before he spun into a few of his other records. We got to hear classics all night long like EA, Hell Shell, Zone 6 & Extendo amongst many more while also hitting a few songs off his latest tape, Rich Shooter. My favorite portion of his set however, was him performing ‘No Go’ & ‘Blue Cheese Salad’ off last year’s mixtape, Anyways (My personal favorite project). As the show was coming to a close, he asked about Day 1 Slimeball fans, controlling the crowd with the assistance of PDETwin alongside him who had an epic show himself as the Master of Ceremonies and they proceeded to play ‘Sweep’ off the original Slimeball mixtape. I’ve never seen an arena get so wild in my life. See below.

The energy in the arena was amazing. I knew I couldn’t hang with the “moshers” so I was observing the concert from the balcony but I still had a perfect view. At one point, Nudy got off stage to engage the crowd in the pit area. A real gentleman, even had his entourage tossing water bottles to fans so they could hydrate and enjoy the rest of the evening. His charisma is unmatched & he would say over and over again how much he loved his fans. By the end of the night, the entire arena was chanting for an encore. 

This was an exceptional show and I’m glad I went. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to see Big Slime rock the stage. There was so much love to Nudy, it’s special to see his continued rise and to know he’s only getting bigger as an artist by the day.

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