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ConcertBaby Rose & Q: Live @ Terminal West

Baby Rose & Q: Live @ Terminal West

As the Summer kicks into high-gear, there will be a variety of stellar concerts to attend for those who love live music, great musicians and incomparable vibes. An event with all the stated characteristics and more is the THROUGH THE SOUL Tour which was hosted by Terminal West this past Sunday, June 4th in the southern charmer city, Atlanta, GA for Baby Rose & Q.

It was a gloomy day in the heart of music but that only made the night even sweeter with the showcasing of two stars who’ve taken the year by storm with projects that push boundaries and stand out amongst the vast array of releases presented to the public. R&B-based shows carry a different energy than Hip-Hop concerts regardless of notoriety of the talent. There was aura felt in the room seemingly subtle but engaged in the dim-lit venue.

Filled with a decorative energy from both performers and an impressive live band, this was a night to remember.

Q performed first and provided fans with an unforgettable set. His ability to command the staged is unmatched. Hoisted with his signature keyboard that’s assisted in narrating a phenomenal story, the setlist was an exhilarating variation of his early works such as Forest Green and his latest, release of 2023, Soul,PRESENT which includes the popular record, STEREO DRIVER. Soul was in fact, present in Atlanta.

The crowd sang along to each record as Q showed duality on the keys and mic the entire set. A moment to remember was an energetic Q and audience alike during his performance of THE HIDE; You could visibly see the excitement and intimacy in the room as Q made sure to connect with his fans.

Baby Rose closed the show out with an electrifying and heavenly set. The songstress is equipped with a distinctive, powerful and mature voice that is which is extraordinary to hear live. The feeling of goosebumps is the only way to describe as she vocalized a variety of records including her latest 2023 project, Through & Through.

Her soulful presence is extremely stunning. Baby Rose is one of the best live vocalists you will witness and that is no understatement. The hearty crowd recited her lyrics back to the talent proudly; There was a feeling during her time that everyone in the room did not want the show to attend. The applause was roaring as she ended with the popular record, Go. This was stellar way to complete a ravishing affair.

Overall, this is an exciting show you do not want to miss if you’re able to attend. A candid evening that has two (2) of music’s top stars performing at the highest of levels; Giving their all to please those in attendance.

Baby Rose & Q are currently in the middle stretch of the tour with a show in New Orleans on June 6th before entering full swing with a solid slate of Summer nights lined up.

Be sure also to check out their latest releases and become familiar if you’re not already with both musicians who are must sees!

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