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ConcertJoyce Wrice – Live @ Aisle 5

Joyce Wrice – Live @ Aisle 5

There’s an exciting aura revolving around the women in music currently. They have seemingly overthrown the matriarch and become many of the powerful, fearless voices listeners are gravitating towards. While this is true, there are few women within the pack who’re finding ways to separate themselves even further.

There’s a level of creativity and star power fans of music only witness from a few and one name who’s surely in this realm is Joyce Wrice.

Her first headlining tour made a stop in Atlanta this past Thursday, June 22nd for a sold-out show at Aisle 5. The line to get inside was wrapped around the Little 5 Points area as fans awaited entry. Inside the venue was a packed audience; Wall-to-wall as everyone clamored to be apart of a memorable night.

The evening began with a stellar opening from Payton Moore. The phenomenal vocalist is from Atlanta so this was a homecoming showcasing. She performed an array of her records as well as covers of popular songs including Floetry’s, Say Yes. Payton blew away the crowd with her incredible voice on display and certainly made a positive impact on the night.

The time came for the Atlanta crowd to witness the phenom that is Joyce Wrice. Her set was mesmerizing from the moment she took her place on stage with her amazing DJ & prominent dancers to assist in the moment. An exciting showcasing was filled with Joyce’s radiant presence.

You could not take your eyes off her as her showcasing was filled with alluring vocals and thrilling choreography that leaves no doubt of her being a star. She was engaged with the entire room. You could feel the authentic passion coming from the star songstress.

Joyce performed a variety of records including her projects Overgrown & Motive. There was a point in the night where she had a fan on stage to recite verses with her as the crowd cheered and screamed. No moment went unnoticed.

As the setlist closed, Joyce thanked the crowd for the evening and gave her appreciation to Lucky Daye & Westside Gunn for their contributions to her evolving career. The Atlanta audience was also thanked for an energetic and loving night. Joyce left the staged and the audience audibly began chanting her name in true “Encore” fashion.

An unbelievably gifted performer, Joyce stepped back on stage to perform her hit record Iced Tea that features chart-topper KAYTRANADA. The night was unforgettable and spoke volumes to the star that is Joyce Wrice. She’s equipped with various tools as an artist that allow her to be a face for music’s new generation.

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