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Kaash Paige

The kid out of Dallas, TX is a force to be reckoned with. Kaash Paige brings a breath of fresh air to the new age of R&B that listeners will love. With Co-signs from names such as Travis Scott, Don Toliver & Alicia Keys amongst others, she has become an appealing artist to watch grow. 

It was the end of Spring Break 2020 in Miami the first time I listened to Kaash Paige. The drive back to Atlanta was a mere 10 hours from South Beach so the music selection had to be right. Luckily enough, Don Toliver had just dropped his album Heaven or Hell a few days prior so that was first in the rotation. Paige is featured on the track Euphoria along with Travis Scott and I was blown away not only hearing her match harmonies with La Flame and Toliver on a soft spoken track like this but spit a few relatable bars as well. I felt obligated after hearing this song to check out her catalog.

I had a chance to listen to Paiges’s 2019 project Parked Car Convos on another trip I took not long after Spring Break. What I enjoy about this 8 track EP is that it displays KP’s ability to be an impactful R&B singer with her voice on records like Heartbreaker, Options & Break From Dallas. The “Toxic Princess” theme speaks volumes on Options when she’s telling her shorty that it’s okay for them to stay low-key because she’s not s**t and she knows it. The bonus track Love Songscontains a version of a sample that I’ve heard in the Mick Jenkins song Healerwhich is very dope. There is raw emotion in this tape and a great range of lyrical content in terms of what she’s saying. Overall, this is a great project to become a new fan of Kaash Paige. 

My biggest takeaway from Paige’s Teenage Fever album which released in August of 2020 is that she is a star in the making. This album features songs such as Grammy Week featuring Don Toliver, her own rendition of Drake’s Jaded & Break Up Song featuring K Camp. The album title is very fitting but the best piece of the album in my opinion, is that the lover girl’s records encompass the good and bad in “situationships” making her very relatable to those navigating through their twenties. 

I am very excited to see where her career takes her in 2021. I believe she will continue to progress as an artist, working with some of the best and setting herself up for some major records. If things continue the way they have been, we are sure to hear the name Kaash Paige a lot more. 

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