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ConcertAtlanta-Based Agency, Creatives After Dark, shine a light on women emerging in music during the Pink Room Showcase.

Atlanta-Based Agency, Creatives After Dark, shine a light on women emerging in music during the Pink Room Showcase.

In a city that never sleeps, the lights shine brightest after dark. Atlanta’s underground music scene is known for its diversity and everlasting innovation; On Friday the 13th, Creatives After Dark (CAD) took the opportunity to highlight various women in Hip-Hop & R&B whose names you need to know.

At the EmmCDee Gallery within Underground ATL, CAD hosted a sold out all-female lineup to raise awareness as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The event was a testament to the current times where women are dominating the music space with their talent, resilience, and power.

Creatives After Dark, a creative agency dedicated to promoting emerging artists, has become a major player in Atlanta’s thriving underground music scene. They’re known for curating events that prioritize excitement and inclusion within music and film. This particular evening was curated by Eb Bailey and ANNIEKAY who assembled a showcase that summarizes the current landscape of female musicians as once underrepresented but now the main attraction.

A lineup featuring a diverse range of artistry, from soulful vocalists to exhilarating bars and jaw-dropping moments. Hosted by BREEZY; She did a phenomenal job keeping the showcase engaging and smooth as transitions and sets were ongoing.

You felt the family atmosphere upon entering the building. Attendees were welcomed by exciting sounds from Cleotrvppv & Dakhari4o4. The decorative artwork within the gallery adorning the walls stood out. There were vendors set up on various sides of the Gallery selling an assortment of items to assist in enjoying the night. The staging was minimal enough for the audience to be able to interact with the artists throughout.

The evening kicked off with a burst of energy as the soulful sounds of Chelsea and Akai Marje’s voices filled the room. Their powerful vocals set the tone for a special event. There were memorable times such as ClaudiaCherii & Kalenbree’s commanding stage presences that captured the overall essence. Destiny Briona and Korin are talented vocalists whose radiant performances were extremely heartfelt and alluring. Kenarris poise as a lyricist was on full display as she recited fierce verses, electrifying the room.

As the night unfolded, the lineup showcased a tasteful variety of styles in artistry. From the ethereal energy of Naomi to the incomparable energy from MuddyMya and an unforgettably dynamic set from Jazzy Tha Rapper alongside her thrilling team of dancers, it was evident that this night was blissful.

Conveyed by a variety of messages, each performance had something unique to offer, resonating deeply with the Atlanta audience.

The intimacy of the EmmCDee Gallery allowed the audience to connect with the artists on a deeper level and highlighted the importance of providing spaces for women to thrive as artists.

The Pink Room was not just another showcase of talent; it was a celebration of the resilience and creativity of women in music. As the night concluded, it was clear everyone had witnessed something truly special. The lineup left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those in attendance, proving that the future of music will continue to be female, and the best is yet to come.

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