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Novice Talk: Why Not Duce

Why Not Duce is one of the many leaders in the new age of Virginia music. This is due mainly in part to his ability to separate himself from the pact in terms of artistry. A powerful formula of unique storytelling, beautiful melodies paired with distinct and crafty flows pay off major for the VA native.

The emerging star is currently on a high with the release of his phenomenal new project, Every Emotion. 12 songs in length, this is a chance for new listeners to get acquainted with the authenticity and personality that oozes throughout. Why Not Duce radiates with passion in each record which ultimately makes Every Emotion a stellar body of work.

We recently had a chance to sit down and converse with Why Not Duce in an amazing conversation; Discussing his beginnings, being a member of Pusha T‘s label Heirwave Music Group, and Every Emotion amongst much more. His charisma is undeniable and will take him a long way.

The full interview is available now on YouTube by clicking here and/or check out some highlights below!

Interview Highlights

Cherry: Thank you for joining us today. I always start with this question, so what’s a principle that you uphold?

Duce: Being mannareable. Im not psychic but I feel energy so I’m always mindful of people’s lifestyle. A compliment can go a long way so I try to always be respectful with being around people. What you reap is what you sow.

Cherry: You have such distinct characteristics when it comes to your music. What do you feel separates you from other artist’s?

Duce: I would say my ability to story-tell. I love it. I like to get real detailed. Say I want you to walk in my shoes or I’m talking to a shordy, I want my music to be a personable experience for people who listen.

Cherry: The records They Killing Us & We Killing Us seem to be from two different perspectives. How did those tracks come about?

Duce: Being a Black Man in America to be honest. Growing up in the hood and dealing with police, They Killing Us I had a conversation with my dad about why do police act the way they do? I wanted to put myself in the victim’s shoes and be selfless in that act. A voice for the voiceless.

Cherry: How’s being a memeber of Heirwave contributed to your career?

Duce: It’s love. From doing everything by myself to having management and people who are super invested in you is great. It gives a different outlook but I’ve been getting adjusted to it. It’s a change of pace but it doesn’t take away from the fun, I’m just more mindful of how I carry myself.

Cherry: How do you feel now that the Every Emotion is out and you’ve had time to sit with it?

Duce: With this album, I feel great about it. It’s complete to me. I had a few club appearances and celebrated when it dropped.

Cherry: What’s next for you?

Duce: More visuals and more content that lets the world know VA is here. Why Not Us (Collective) also has a Holiday Drive coming up at the end of the year. Being a pillar in the community is mandated to me.

There is much more to this genuine conversation. Be sure to watch the full length interview to learn more about the talented Why Not Duce!

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