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There’s no secret the world has been anxious to return to packed crowds, stellar live music and unforgettable nights to witness our favorite artists grace the stage. This is due in part to the quarantine/pandemic era of 2020-2022 where touring was practically non-existent.

Consumers were blessed with a variety of quality music in 2022 but still…entering 2023 feels like the conclusion of dormancy and the beginning of a new “golden age.” The direct affect of memorable albums in 2022 is the pre-cursor to the optimism of 2023 in terms of touring. Dates are being announced by the day and Future has already began his year with a thrilling tour titled “FUTURE & FRIENDS.”

This read is from the perspective of his sold-out hometown show at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Future’s legacy has been solidified for some time but this event proved he’s in a league of his own.

Downtown was in full chaos as concert-goers were attempting to gain entry into parking lots and maneuvering the hollow streets of the “Rap Capital.” This is all before getting into the arena which was packed wall-to-wall.

Scanning the arena as FlyGuyDC MC’d a terrific night, there was not a seat left empty; Only camera lights, an audible excitement and flashing photography glaring everywhere one looked.

State Farm was a perfect venue for this show as the staging was built in a way you could see from any angle. A simple design featuring a large figurine of a woman would be pivotal in the artistic showing of the various lighting methods displayed on the night. This set the tone for a night filled with performances from Lil Jairmy, Doe Boy, BabyFace Ray, & EST Gee; Artists who are all evolving and a trajectory that continues to rise each day.

Kodak Black performed a plethora of hits from his long-standing catalog including “Walk” from his most recent release, Kutthroat Bill: Vol 1. After his set, the crowd became eager to see Pluto and it was noticeable. Luckily, the hour had come.

Future soared onto the stage with DJ ESCO behind the boards to the explosive intro 712PM from his recent release, I NEVER LIKED YOU. In NP’s album review, we highlighted this project being meant for a live audience and that is a true statement. Records from the project sounded like a tsunami through the arena speakers. The crowd recited every verse with the superstar with ease.

Pluto would leave the stage various times for wardrobe changes but in-between more Friends would take the stage such as Young Scooter, Lil Durk & Lil Baby to perform a few of their own hits. The arena was receptive to all the artists who performed throughout the night. Metro Boomin was also in attendance to assist in the performance of the self-titled record featuring Future from Metro’s latest album, SUPERHEROES & .ILLAINS.

An array of classics were played throughout the night as well such as Loveeee Song, Percocet & Stripper Joint, Itchin, Chosen One, Turn On The Lights & March Madness amongst more. His catalog is extensive so of course he can’t hit all the songs you’d like to hear but the night was incredible and an amazing way to kick-off the touring scene in 2023.

Future’s next shows are in Chicago, DC & Boston. If you’ve had a chance to scoop tickets, you’re in for a treat.

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