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Novice Talk: Vesta

Traditionalists have commonly critiqued this new era of music due to the vast differences in the realm of R&B. What was once simple vocals and melodies is no longer. Now we are witnessing the embodiment of traditional R&B qualities but expanded into a dynamic approach that pushes the needle into multiple genres. 

Vesta, a charismatic singer/songwriter from Northern Virginia, is a name to become familiar with as her “dream-pop” approach is a breath of fresh air.

Her latest EP, The L Word, is an amazing introduction for new fans. The project expresses the imperfections of an array of “L-titled” topics while her radiant voice is one listeners will love when they first hear it over the original, heart-fluttering production.

She does not want to be boxed into the”R&B” category and feels her music is for a wide-variety of audiences. While only recently beginning to take music serious, the future is bright for an artist as optimistic and talented as Vesta is.

In a stellar conversation with founder Alex Cherry, we learn more of Vesta’s story; Picking her brain as it relates to her music career, thoughts on the Virginia music scene and what to expect in the near future amongst so much more. The full conversation is available now via Youtube, Spotify & Apple Podcast. You can check out a few highlights from the talk below as well!

Interview Highlights

Cherry: Vesta, since we are on Novice Principles…what are words that you live by?

Vesta: For a couple years my principle has been “You’re always one song away.” It keeps you in the headspace of “keep going” because you never know what is going to stick. I’ve had songs I couldn’t drop that I felt could have been catalysts early on but I don’t release music with the thought of “this is the one.” No matter how many songs you put out, you’re always one song away from another opportunity.

Cherry: What does being a Virginia artist mean to you?

Vesta: A lot of people including me take pride in it. Many of us have gotten stuck in this loop with being here though to where we don’t even know if we want to pursue music fully sometimes.

Cherry: As an artist, what difficulties do you have when you have spans of not releasing?

Vesta: There’s a combination of things whether its writer’s block or not going through anything. I get a lot of inspiration from reading and honestly, the music comes when it does. I just trust my brain and stopped trying to force it. I don’t mean to take long hiatuses but if it doesn’t sound as good as I want, it may get put on the back-burner because real life happens.

Cherry: You’re very active on TikTok, how has that helped in your growth as a musician?

Vesta: I didn’t plan on using it as a marketing strategy honestly. I do my own thing on multiple apps and if it just happens to tie into one another then cool. When I dropped the Single, my friend Elijah was the main one pushing me to do a challenge because he saw the attention I was getting from it. TikTok’s algorithm is one of the best but I already had the audience on there too.

Cherry: The L Word is a great project. How do you feel now with it being out & What was that process like?

Vesta: I’ve gotten some unexpected feedback. I’m impressed with myself and personally love this project. That says a lot because I’m so critical of myself. Definitely relieved that it’s out though. Originally the project was 6 songs and I wanted to depict different emotions that started with L (Love, Loyalty, Lust, Limerence & Loss). I wanted everyone to have their own perspective and so I didn’t explain that to anyone.

There’s so much more apart of this amazing, in-depth conversation so check it out on one of the other platforms. Novice Principles would like to wish Vesta the best and are looking forward to what she will continue to do. Each link is available in the article so be sure to tune in!!

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