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Joony made his presence felt in 2022. This has allowed him to stake his claim as an emerging star to keep your eyes on in the new year.

He’s on the heels of bursting through the ceiling in 2023 mainly in part to his unforgettable verse on Brent Faiyaz‘s WASTELAND via FYTB, touring w/ Lancey Foux, releasing a remarkable album in Pretty in Black and now headlining a tour.

Graphic By: Elliot Freeman

The Atlanta show took place on December 8th at Aisle 5; One of the city’s prominent venues for musicians. The intimacy of the space allows artists to engage the audience which is exactly what Joony did. He took fans on a journey through Pretty In Black and was accompanied by a live guitarist to provide a soulful feeling during a stellar show.

Before the show, we learned this would be the Maryland native’s first performance in Atlanta. The moment however, never felt too big. His presence shined on stage.

All Photography By: Austyn “Glass” Wyche

I’M IN LOVE, DRIFTING IN TOKYO & MISERY glared through the speakers; Allowing the crowd to effortlessly feel the bass of each record and witness a calm elegance. He also played songs from his acclaimed project, Silent Battles; This included Baby Joon which the crowd was excited to hear.

Joony is a Rap Rockstar. His latest project, Pretty In Black, is a masterclass of confident lyricism and a fierce selection of production throughout; Ultimately, creating timeless music.

Showcasing the project infront of an energetic audience, records like the self-titled, RECIPE, AVENTADOR & ON DAT SH*T struck a different chord; Instantly creating a beautiful chaos and forcing the crowd to jump around.

Towards the end of the night, Joony played a stunning unreleased record with Yeat that caught everyone’s attention. We hope this is one he decides to release very soon.

Joony’s first Atlanta show was electric and an amazing way for him to continue closing out the year. His next shows are on December 15th in LA & December 18th in DC. Both shows are sure to be thrilling so if you have not purchased a ticket yet, be sure to do so!

NP also had the chance to sit down with the emerging star before he took the stage.

We discussed all things tour related, his continued rise, Pretty In Black & much more! We learned a great deal about a passionate artist whose ready for the moment in a phenomenal conversation. You can read the full interview below!

Novice Talk: A Conversation w/ Joony

Cherry: We are here live in Atlanta, GA at Aisle 5 for the Pretty In Black Tour and I have the guest of honor with us. I’m going to let him introduce himself and we’re going to get right into it!

Joony: What’s up, It’s Joon, back in the spot at Aisle 5. We’re lit and getting ready to do this show.

Cherry: So Joony, we do this with all our guests. What’s one principle you instill in yourself every day?

Joony: There’s a few but 2 I really hold myself to are always remember there’s no reason to be sad and you are a work in progress. Everything is going to be okay. As long as you put the time in you’ll get to where you want. I tell myself that every day.

Cherry: You’ve had a crazy year. From touring w/ Lancey Foux, being apart of WASTELAND, releasing Pretty In Black and now headlining your own tour.

How does that make you feel knowing you’ve put in the work and now reaping the benefits of it all?

Joony: Although I’ve done so much, there’s much more for us to do. I am proud of myself for the work I’ve put in though.

Cherry: You have a confidence in your music that’s very apparent especially on Pretty In Black. It’s not as if you’re talking “at” people but “to” them.

Joony: I do it for people who notice the little things like that. They see the differences between me and the next artist.

Cherry: You mentioned in a previous interview you felt you were an underground artist. That was 3 months ago. Do you still feel that way?

Joony: Yea. If I’m not selling out 2,000+ venues across the country then I’m underground and that’s just me being real. I don’t want to lie to myself and it also keeps me humble.

Cherry: What motivates you to keep making music?

Joony: This is all I want to do because it’s what I’ve been doing.

Cherry: What’s your favorite song on Pretty in Black?

Joony: I like everything but MISERY would definitely be my #1. The video is out but it’s pretty slept on. We actually shot it here in Atlanta.

Cherry: Who are some artists you’re listening to right now?

Joony: Yeat, Baby Santana, a lot of my unreleased, JG Riff and so many more DMV rappers. I listen to so much music.

Cherry: Since we’re in Atlanta, what are you looking forward to while being here?

Joony: I love Atlanta. I’ll probably come back after the holidays to shop. When I’m here I like to get good soul food. I’ve never done a show here though so I can’t really tell you what I expect. I just know it’s going to be lit and we’re going to have fun.

Cherry: My last question. What goals do you have for 2023?

Joony: All I plan to do in 2023 is drop music, videos and get bigger as an artist while staying blessed and thankful. I’m going to stay locked in.

Founder, Alex Cherry & Joony

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