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InterviewsNovice Talk: Kiree 3600

Novice Talk: Kiree 3600

The talent in Virginia continues to leave an indelible mark on the emergent music scene. Differentiation in flows, unique personalities and remarkable music create a formula like no other when it comes to states and regions worth seeking out. Kiree 3600 is undoubtedly apart of this equation and a name you should be getting familiar with.

A product of Suffolk, VA, Kiree 3600 has the makings to be a star. His catalog, dating back to his first project, Blockstarr, is filled with a variety of flows, beats and melodies to consistently keep listeners on their feet; “Expecting the unexpected” is a perfect phrase in describing the Virginia talent.

A distinct feature about him is his subdued tone that is always in sync with a stellar array of production. These distinctions have assisted in his development as a musician and show why he is trending upwards.

Lyrically, Kiree 3600 is unmatched. A plethora of boastful verses; projecting his confidence while displaying authenticity is what separates him from others.

His latest project, E And Three, is exceptional and a chance for new listeners to become familiar with a substantial amount of versatility as mentioned previously. Produced exclusively by frequent collaborator eK!, who showcases a captivating performance that allows Kiree 3600 to shine. E And Three is chemistry at it’s finest.

Each song is greeted with a “vibe” as the titles suggest, which puts into perspective an all-around artist at work.

We were able to sit down with Kiree 3600 and discuss many topics including E and Three.

In an amazing conversation, you will learn more about an artist who understands what it takes to keep progressing but is also far from satisfied.

Below are Q&A highlights from our interview with the star! You can watch the interview on YouTube by clicking here.

Interview Highlights

Cherry: Congratulations on the new EP! Since you’re on Novice Principles, what’s one “Principles” that you live by?

Kiree 3600: I would say always be yourself. Don’t ever try to be like anyone else. It’s okay to be inspired by others but stay true to yourself at all times.

Cherry: How does being apart of the conversation surrounding emerging Virginia artists make you feel?

Kiree 3600: It motivates me to go harder. Giving back to my community and giving them hope is what I want to do. I can’t let them down.

Cherry: Let’s get into the EP. How do you feel about it now that it’s out?

Kiree 3600: I’m so glad it’s out. I make so much music and the zone that I was in with E And Three…I was ready to drop the minute we finished recording. I was putting it on wax so perfectly in like 4 sessions.

Cherry: This is a first for you, why did you decide to do a focused project with one specific producer?

Kiree 3600: I’ve been working with eK! for about 3 or 4 years now. I kinda established my sound with him and this was long overdue. Everything about this was different and when we both locked in, we knew it was time.

Cherry: Young Crazy is on Exquisite Vibes and is the only feature on the project. How’d that come about?

Kiree 3600: Me & Crazy have a long relationship. Me and eK! was in the studio and while I was recording I felt it was too repetitive and wanted something different. eK! changed the beat up and I knew I wanted a feature so I hit Crazo and he came through for me.

There’s much more in-depth to this great conversation so make sure you go to Youtube and check out Kiree 3600 on the latest episode of Novice Talk!

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