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AlbumsREVIEWED: Glorilla – Anyways, Life’s Great

REVIEWED: Glorilla – Anyways, Life’s Great

Glorilla’s presence has been nothing short of captivating. It was the early stages of Summer when her now Grammy-Nominated record, F.N.F became the hottest track out. Shortly after, she began receiving co-sign’s from the biggest name’s in music like Yo Gotti, who signed her to CMG & Saweetie.

It’s difficult in today’s age to have a viral moment and maintain a level of success which keeps consumers interested but Glorilla has defied odds with Tomorrow 2 on CMG’s label tape, Gangsta Art. By far the standout record, Glorilla later received a major assist from Cardi B who hopped on the remix, assisting in introducing Glorilla to a broader audience; This was the icing on the cake, making it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with.

We are now privy to the complete introduction of Memphis’ own, Glorilla, in the form of her Debut EP, Anyways, Life’s Great.

The Memphis native is an astonishment due to her distinct voice and boastful verses. As a female rapper, there’s a surmount of criticism in this realm about what the current generation recites in their verses but the narrative dismisses the dedication these artists put into their craft. Glorilla provides a colorful variety of lyricism with records about love, loyalty, female empowerment and more; Typically heard over ferocious 808’s and a trap-induced style of production has put the emerging star in a lane of her own.

Records such as No More Love & Out Loud Thinking are thought-provoking. Teetering away from the vibrant anthems for the moment, Glorilla gets vulnerable over lushful instrumentation; Showcasing a side we have not witnessed from her up to this point in her early career.

They say my 15 minutes is up but my 15 minutes is only beginning!

-Glorilla recites on Unh Unh

There’s a unique swagger Glorilla carries within empowering women and creating a movement with her music; She’s having her fun and reaping the benefits but when she speaks, the masses listen. PHATNALL, Unh Unh, Blessed, Get That Money & Nut Quick each serve as powerful mantras with clear messages.

Glorilla is the prominent star music has long waited for. If there was any doubt about her longevity, it’s now been erased with the performance she displayed. Her versatile and combative style is pleasing to all spectrums of rap listeners. She’s capitalized on every occasion and is now a Grammy-nominated artist in a short period of time. Anyways, Life’s Great details a stellar entry into an epic story.

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