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InterviewsChuckXL: Analyzing Nights Like This

ChuckXL: Analyzing Nights Like This

Locating gems in a digital era where thousands of artists are releasing music seemingly every day is a thorough process. You have to be patient and understand the emphasis is on emerging artists. The quality of music being released by the artists emerging from the scene rivals that of any major drop. ChuckXL is one of the emerging names listeners should become very familiar with.

The promising talent from the small city of Passaic, New Jersey is a phenomenal storyteller. Nights Like This is ChuckXL’s debut EP and he does not disappoint. Listeners are reeled into the narration of an adolescent maturing and navigating the depths of his future. It is an insightful seven-track EP that introduces the world to a spirited artist who’s ready to throw his hat into the ring.

The Jersey native displays substantive flows, techniques, and wordplay to create awe-inspiring moment.The production throughout is sonically pleasing and each record is distinctive from the next. ChuckXL showcases a dynamic display of variety which formulates into a very tasteful project.

NP was able to sit down with ChuckXL to go in depth on Nights Like This and discuss many things pertaining to the budding New Jersey star’s evolving career. An amazing conversation you’re sure to love. Available now below!

ChuckXL Interview

Cherry: I’m here with a special guest. Can you introduce yourself?

ChuckXL: It’s ChuckXL:, New Jersey’s finest. My new project [Night’s Like This] just dropped and i’m excited to get to talk.

Cherry: Congratulations on the release of Night’s Like This. How are you feeling now that it’s out?

ChuckXL: I feel good. I’m happy and relieved that I get to share my art; Continuing to share content with people over the next few months. Some of these songs i’ve been working on for a while, so having the full body of work out and seeing people interact with it is a good feeling.

Cherry: From here, what do the next few months look like in terms of pushing the project?

ChuckXL: There will definitely be more visuals. I’m very creative and hands-on with the creative direction; I write all the treatments so it’s really personal. Live performances are on the way. I’m ready to do it all.

Cherry: I ask everyone we talk to this question. What’s a Principle you live by?

ChuckXL: Discipline is the biggest thing in my life right now. Staying the course; Especially with everything I have going on. There’s a lot of sacrifices you have to make.

Cherry: When did you know you wanted to drop your Debut EP?

ChuckXL: Once the pandemic happened, I wanted to give a backstory of my life and felt it was time. When I was able to lock in about a year and a half ago, I started consistently recording at So Amazing Studios. LA Times came first so I began crafting everything around it as the lead single.

Seven (7) is a number that aesthetically looks good to me. For a new artist, ten (10) to twelve (12) songs can be too much sometimes. I wanted to be concise while still being conceptual.

Cherry: I also read you recorded LA Times before being in LA?

ChuckXL: Yea. I wrote it from the mindset of a high-school kid who is freshly graduated; Ready to take on the world. Since New York is so close, Los Angeles is the next place you think of to “make it” and chase your dreams. We recorded the video in LA, that’s how we kept it fun.

Cherry: What does being from New Jersey mean to you?

ChuckXL: Most of the time we’re overlooked because you have New York & Philly right there. Being overlooked though, it puts a chip on your shoulder. The people from here are very resilient so I feel that’s apart of our culture.

Cherry: I read a little about your father introducing you into music early with Motown Music. Was that your inspiration to get into music?

ChuckXL: That was definitely the beginning of my music journey. In first grade I performed music from The Temptations in a talent show.

Cherry: Do you remember your first time performing?

ChuckXL: My first performance may have been SOBs (Sounds of Brazil). I also remember getting hired to perform at a fashion show when I was in college. I love performing because it’s an intimate experience.

I want my legacy to be that I was instrumental in the growth of my community. When it’s all said and done I do want to be one of the greatest and that’s the energy I always go into the booth with.

Cherry: Let’s dive into the EP. What’s your favorite song?

ChuckXL. That’s tough. It would have to be the outro, Reflections. Writing wise, it’s introspective and gives my view on what I see going on in the world; [People] comparing their lives to what they see in the media and crashing out trying to chase something that’s fickle. Sonically, it was my favorite to record and sounds beautiful.

Cherry: Is there anything you would do differently/change about this process?

ChuckXL: I can’t say. Everything happens for a reason and I’m really proud of how this project turned out. This [Nights Like This] is the story of an adolescent turned adult. It’s a chance for me to connect to people who can relate.

Cherry: So what’s the vision for this year?

ChuckXL: Definitely performing and more content on the way. I just want to get back in the booth. I have a lot more to share regarding Nights Like This and the work has begun for the art I want to share next. Hopefully, drop something new towards the end of the year.

Cherry: What advice would you give to anyone in the creative space fearful to begin?

ChuckXL: Make sure you do it for you. A lot of things are enticing to look at. You have to make sacrifices if you love what you’re doing. There’s many challenges but being resilient is key.

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