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Artist discovery is one of music’s purest spots. In the age of social media, it’s become standard practice to search for emerging names on various sites we claim are “next to blow” but the difficulty in that is the volume of consumption from the digital era. Attention spans are lost in the matter of minutes and we move onto the next. The traditional style and memories associated with attending local shows however will never lose its importance.

The ability to hear names you may not have been aware of live is an unbeaten experience. Last Wednesday, May 10th in Atlanta, GA was one of those special nights to enjoy a lineup of stellar emerging musicians. The intimacy of the atmosphere at Aisle 5 was extraordinary.

There were opening DJ sets from Weirdo Fits & The Canterbury Tales that was unbelievable. At one point, a transitional mashup of Drake’s Jumbotron Shit Poppin & Usher’s Superstar that may have been one of the best things to witness thus far in 2023.

Headlined by Clark D, the opening performances also impressed and certainly finished the night with new listeners and those eager to check out their catalog’s:

WickDaDon‘s performance was a great way to kick off the evening. He performed music from his new project, Pretty Boy Hustler Music. The hard hitting base in his set paired with a fierce lyrical flow on display to complete a fantastic set.

Latrell James conducted himself in true MC fashion; Engaging the crowd on all levels and even spoke about his record, Tracphone, in which stated it changed his life. A tasteful variety in his set was a major highlight of the night.

Taylor Jasmine‘s performance was filled with stunning vocals. Her powerful voice carried the lengths of the entire room as she harmonized every note and performing music including her latest single, Without Her. There was a true star quality in her performance as the crowd screamed and chanted for her.

Ahmad Anonimis‘ set was pure electricity. From the minute he took the stage you couldn’t take your eyes off him. His command as a performer was world-class and the exhilarating energy remained steady. He gave everyone in the room something to look forward to as he premiered new music he stated is releasing this Summer.

All these performances were before we received the pleasure of witnessing Clark D. A phenomenal multi-talented artist who spoke about the importance of this night. You would not have been able to tell it was his first performance due to the confidence on display during his performance. Phones lighting up the room and an exceptional aura, he left it all out there. As a new listeners of his, we learned a little of his backstory as he detailed it during the show.

It was a night of appreciation as he introduced “The Flower Hour.” While his team passed out flowers to the crowd, Clark D praised the ones who’ve helped him on his journey thus far and even gave time to other rising musicians to be heard.

Showcases such as the Finder’s Keepers show in Atlanta, GA on May 11th is what music is all about. Talented artists who get chances to show their drive and passion to the masses. As the weather begins to perfect for the occasion of being “outside” there will be a variety of opportunities to check out more artists whose names you need to be familiar with.

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