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ConcertDende’s ’95 Civic Tour Live in Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5

Dende’s ’95 Civic Tour Live in Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5

Dende has been a force to be reckoned with in 2023. He’s released two (2) captivating projects that have jumpstarted the conversation of him being one of R&B’s top rising stars. The Texas native’s intentionality behind the creative direction of the releases and continued storytelling have been world-class. This has assisted in narrating an evolving story.

The stellar vocalist is currently on his ‘95 Civic Tour and made a stop in Atlanta at Aisle this past Tuesday, June 13th in what was an unforgettable night. The intimacy of the venue played a vital factor in the incredible reception that was received through the entire show.

The aura of the night was charismatic. It began with a phenomenal showing from Benji. & his band he referred to as the “Good Fellas.” Benji. hoisted his guitar and was comfortable on stage. The crowd was engaged over the length of a groovy set that made the night feel special from the beginning.

Byron Juane had a very spirited performance. The moment didn’t feel too big as he performed renditions of popular songs along with unreleased music of his and the record, Obsessed, in which he stated it’s his biggest out currently. He serenaded a young lady which was a highlight to an amazing setlist.

The stage would now be prepared for a mesmerizing showcasing that many in Atlanta came to witness. You could visibly see the main microphone and stand covered in roses. Dende’s band was also staging and the energy shift was as if the room knew there was something special in store; Which there was.

Dende would take fans on a journey through the ’95 Civic. He performed a variety of music from the projects the crowd would sing-along to. If he put the microphone down, the crowd could have easily performed all his music for the Texas native; That’s how engaged the Aisle 5 audience was. It was a sight to see the radiant energy on display.

In true MC fashion , Dende commanded the stage and displayed his powerful voice with the assistance of his band accompanying him. The theatrics of a wardrobe change mid-performance and getting into the crowd to perform are memories fans will remember. He also allowed long-time collaborators Deante’ Hitchcock & Chris Patrick to take the stage with him to perform each of his collaborations with the talented stars.

The consistent storytelling never ends with Dende which has made him a prominent name. The “Road Trip To Atlanta” was alluring and exceptional in every way. There are two (2) shows left for the talent in Dallas & Houston. If you are able to attend, this is a must-see show.

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