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Novice Talk: Sheen

Atlanta has a plethora of venues to allow artists to showcase their incomparable abilities in front of many different audiences. The upstairs portion of Smith’s Olde Bar held precedent for the night as many talented artists musically introduced themselves; Ultimately gaining new fans.

A standout artist was Houston’s very own, Sheen. His captivating presence could be felt through the entire room as he performed many records of his including his latest record, Morning After. His voice radiates with passion you can feel in every lyric recited.

He’s been around music since an adolescent while only truly beginning his formidable transcendence approximately two years ago. In that short amount of time however, he’s left his mark as an artist to be attentive to with a phenomenal pop-infused album titled, Vintage ’94.

Sheen draws influence from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson & the queen herself, Beyoncé. Justin Timberlake was sighted as a major influence in artistry; When you listen to Sheen’s music, you can hear the similarities but Sheen still incorporates his own style to vastly be in his own lane.

The mesmerizing talent is also very insightful as NP founder, Alex Cherry sat down with the Houston native after the show to discuss a surmount of topics including his upbringings, mental health and his long-term vision amongst much more.

A candid conversation with one of music’s brightest talents is available below!

Cherry: We’re here in Atlanta and i’m with Sheen who just had a great performance. How’re you feeling?

Sheen: Yessir, i’m feeling good and accomplished.

Cherry: What was your goal going into this performance?

Sheen: My goal was to have a good time and give the audience a great show. I wanted to connect with them and feel that I did. This was only my fourth time performing.

Cherry: What have you learned between your first time on stage and now?

Sheen: So many things…like connecting with the audience. In the midst of performing, i’ve learned how to be receptive to the crowd’s energy. Ultimately, they’re the ones who dictate how the night will go. I always want to ensure I give people the best possible experience.

Cherry: I always ask about Principles. So what’s a virtue you instill in yourself?

Sheen: Authenticity. Be who you truly are and love the process. That will allow you to put it forth in the music. I guarantee everything will be spectacular as you create passion projects.

To the best of my ability I embodied that with Vintage ’94 which was my first album. I’ve only been making music for about 2 years now so at the time I was experimenting with different sounds.

Hold yourself to the highest possible standard you can. Enjoy the ride because you only get one life.

– Sheen when asked about giving advice to emerging artists

Cherry: Who’re some of your inspirations?

Sheen: I grew up listening to Justin Timberlake; He’s always been a key influencer. Frank Ocean’s songwriting is something I get lost in. Michael Jackson’s cadence and confidence as well as the queen, Beyoncé with her presence and energy.

Cherry: What’s one of your earliest memories of music?

Sheen: I was in my mom’s car and she was listening to Cher. I was probably five years old and she would play Believe repeatedly; When I asked her why she kept playing it, she told me she liked the way I sang it.

Cherry: Earlier you said you’ve only been making music for about two years. When did you decide you wanted to take it seriously?

Sheen: It was always my dream to be an artist. During the pandemic I went to a recording session with one of my artist friends. That’s when I knew. He connected me with some producers who gave me a pack of beats and the rest is history. 

Cherry: How do you stay motivated?

Sheen: It’s going to sound cliche but when you love what you do…that’s enough to keep you going. I’m very lucky to have figured out what makes me happy early on. 

Cherry: What does the rest of the year look like?

Sheen: Boosting up the musicality. I’ve got some crazy stuff on the way and everyone should be on the lookout. The music I plan on releasing is going to shake the world up.

There’s many people i’ve built relationships with who’re giving me great wisdom that’s allowing me to adjust accordingly.

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