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The proclaimed “Queen of the South” has been on a mission since the release of her 2020 project ‘Queen of Da Souf.’ Even with the odds stacked against her, it’s clear nothing will steer the Atlanta star away from being an undeniable force. In a male dominated atmosphere, it’s difficult for women to get the notoriety they deserve but the emergence of many, talented female artists has helped in generating the well-deserved attention.

The topic of discussion however is Latto’s latest project, ‘777.’ It only took 45 minutes of run time for her to stake claim as one of music’s brightest stars and top lyricists. An album consisting of elite rap verses, heaven-sent melodies, memorable feature runs & more moments that equate into an all-around performance.

Latto’s lyrical ability is rarely questioned and with all eyes on her, 777′ puts into perspective why her pen is highly respected. The fiery 2-part intro is a monolgue of sorts in which the Clayton County native completely obliterates a dynamic pair of beats. She boasts about proving haters wrong & puts everyone on notice that she has arrived to take the throne.

An array of authentic, pure rap records highlight Latto’s elite attributes. Stepper which features the emergent Nardo Wick, Trust No B*tch & Soufside are permeated with wordplay. Wheelie samples Juicy J’s infamous Slob on My Knob. With a guest verse from the extraordinary 21 Savage, this collaboration is just as “unchy” as the historic record that came before.

A colorful, production selection assist in the overall makeup of the album’s prominent sound. Teamed with a star-studded cast of exceptional and legendary producers such as Sonny Digital, Mike Dean, Pharrell, Childish Major, Pooh Beatz, d.a. got that dope, jetsonmade & OG parker amongst others, allows Latto to shine to the fullest.

An overlooked quality about Latto is her versatility. Her ability to fuse R&B elements into her music adds to the formula for success. Bussdown is equipped with tasteful rhythms whereas Real One is a sexy outro about losing out on a good thing. Records such as Sleep Sleep and Like A Thug featuring Lil Durk shows a softer, sensual side to her sound. The song is very reminiscent to Sex Lies with Lil Baby in terms of the erotic nature they display. Like A Thug, however has an incredibly distinct vibe that separates itself from the rest of the album.

There is star quality throughout ‘777.’ Multiple records have a radiant framework that will commercially take this project to everlasting heights.

Sunshine is a stand-out record. A vibrant, feel-good song with choir melodies and sizable contributions from the great Lil Wayne & Childish Gambino. It’s Givin, produced by JetsonMade, has “anthem for the ladies” written all over it. When Summer is in full affect, expect to hear this everywhere you frequent. Lastly, Big Energy is rightfully the biggest record on the project with the success it has had individually thus far. Recently, Latto received arguably the biggest stamp in music, tapping the iconic Mariah Carey on the remix. Big Energy has also topped the charts and currently sits at Number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Is a Number 1 record in store? Time will tell.

‘777’ is cohesive and puts all aspects of Latto’s musicianship on display. The conciseness separates it from many other albums that were released in quarter one and makes it an early contender for album of the year. With the album here now, there should be no doubt about her status as one of the best artists currently in music.

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