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AlbumsREVIEWED: Don Toliver – LOVE SICK


The mystique Don Toliver has carried for some time now continues to shine a light on a bubbling talent; Ready to leap into the conversation of music’s best names.

LOVE SICK is a brilliant showcase of the Houston native’s artistry. The early mixtape, Donny Womack was storied by an adolescent lust while the maturity of Love Sick protrudes. We’re witnesses in the same instance to the evolution of Toliver on a euphoric, 16-song project.

The Melodies throughout evoke the vast emotions of love; Heartfelt, smooth and an array of flavor. The first words uttered on the album’s intro, LoveSickness, are “I know you’re done with me.” Toliver begins the project narrating his inner thoughts about a love interest who isn’t as invested. This opens the portal for describing his everlasting feelings. A cunning flow assists in setting the overall stage.

Toliver’s lyrical flows are mesmerizing. His vulnerability is a major attribution. He understands how to pair various flows like with a tasteful selection of production. Records such as Go Down (feat. Tisakorean), Private Landing (feat. Justin Bieber & Future), Bus Stop (feat. Brent Faiyaz) & Leather Coat display a stunning level of capabilities.

Whether he’s showcasing his boastful and cocky side or sensually harmonizing about past lovers, this formula has allowed the Houston native to shine.

Sonically, Love Sick glimmers brightly compared to his other works. The range of colorful production throughout plays a pivotal role into the essence of the album.

The features could not have been predicted as acts like Kali Uchis, Glorilla, Lil Durk, James Blake, Charlie Wilson, Wizkid & Toro y Moi all contributed to a stellar album.

Don Toliver has consistently crafted a way to express his emotions throughout his career but a noteworthy series he’s built is the now three (3)-part series, Company. Part three (3) is equipped with an exciting glimmer that stands out amongst the other two selections.

He’s also released on Amazon Prime a thirteen (13) minute short film, fans are sure to love.

Overall, Love Sick is a continued story of love since the emergence of Don Toliver. The evolution and maturity he showcases is prevalent and should not go unnoticed.

The euphoric nature of the album makes a beautiful listen in any setting. We will be discussing this album as the year continues.

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