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Novice Talk: Lundii

There’s a tasteful variety of musicians who’re taking heave to a new approach of artistry; Incorporating the elements of cinema to assist in narrating the story behind the music. This is separating many as the immersive experience allows listeners, new and old, to learn about a musician. It gives the audience more to dissect in an era where music is being released at an astronomical rate.

A phenomenal talent displaying a thrilling style is Virginia’s, Lundii. The thought-provoking story-teller recently released an impressive EP, Hedonic.

Defined by its’ depth of love and lust; Breaking down barriers into a relatable narration. The EP offers an array of cavernous lyricism and dark-induced production fitting the occasion. His uniqueness in the R&B/alt space equips him with a different, breathtaking view on the evolving genre.

A major highlight as well are the acoustics throughout. Lundii’s guitar is a main character that assists the stellar vocalist be a distinctive force.

Hedonic is a euphoric experience worth the full listen. His ability to express himself while remaining authentic in his artistry makes him an artist to gravitate towards.

In a conversation with Alex Cherry, Lundii displays his calming, authentic nature as they discussed many topics relating to Hedonic, Lundii’s mental health and his vision amongst much more. You can check his conversation below.

Lundii x Novice Principles Interview

Cherry: I have a special guest with me today.

Lundii: My name is Lundii; A rising star from the(757).

Cherry: What are your initial feelings towards Hedonic now that it’s been released?

Lundii: I’m relieved. I got things off my chest. The music was sitting for a bit so i’m glad the world can finally hear and feel it.

It’s been close to a year sitting on the project but a few songs I started writing before the project was in a full thought.

Cherry: With Hedonic, where’d you draw your inspiration from?

Lundii: Personal experience while also digging into other people’s minds regarding love & lust. Sometimes theres a thin line between the two because your mind can play games on you. The project [Hedonic] is a short story on that.

Cherry: Which song is your favorite?

Lundii: It’s close. I’ll say Dangerous Ways; I’m proud of that work because of the rollout behind it and Addicted.

Cherry: Let’s talk about you. How’s your mental health?

Lundii: I’m going through a lot right now. That’s what creates my drive to write though. It’s a blessing and a curse being a musician because you never know what to expect in your life. In a regular conversation i’m not as keen with my words so writing is how I express myself.

Cherry: So how do you stay motivated and cope?

Lundii: My son keeps me motivated. My team also. Even when I have those days, they push me to be the best. Music is my purpose. I’d rather fail doing something I love than not trying at all.

I picked up a guitar towards the end of high school…I fell in love with being in front of people. Performing on stage is my safe haven.

– Lundii when asked about when he began to take music seriously

Cherry: Is growing up in a musical household the reason why you focus a lot on the production and how your music sounds sonically?

Lundii: Definitely but I grew up listening to Sade, Prince, Funkadelic and Fred Hammond. Hearing the sonics of certain songs, I like to pick out the smallest of details that people will pay attention to.

Cherry: How’d you decide to do 5 songs for Hedonic?

Lundii: There was nothing left to be said, honestly. It originally was supposed to be 4. Heartbreak was a demo that the team heard and felt needed to be on Hedonic.

Cherry: Being an emerging artist, what difficulties do you have trying to stand out amongst an array of artists who release music practically every day?

The days I want to quit is always when I need to be working. I’ll stand out eventually and the work is going to pay off, there’s no doubt about it.

– Lundii when asked about how he stands out in the current emergent era

Cherry: You had a really great listening event for Hedonic from what I saw. How was it?

Lundii: It was great to just be in that room with so many people there to listen to the project. I was itching to perform but was pleased with the night turned out.

Cherry: What’s the rest of the year look like?

Lundii: We’re going to keep working. If doors open we will peek through them. I want activity for the most part.

Cherry: What do you want your legacy to be?

Lundii: Obviously the greatest artist in the world. I mainly want to be known for never straying away from who I am as a person though.

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