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InterviewsNovice Talk: $atori Zoom

Novice Talk: $atori Zoom

Music is in a beautiful state as we close out the year. Many emerging artists are producing a quality of music that is seemingly capturing the attention of those adventurous listeners eager to find something new. Within this realm, there’s a talented group of versatile musicians combining the elements of rap with various genres to display an explosive style. $atori Zoom is separating himself as one to continue to watch in the new year.

$atori Zoom is as memorable as one can witness. His poised demeanor assists in creating an energetic sound. Originally from Hawthorne, CA, home of Tyler The Creator, $atori Zoom has emphasized the importance of community. He continues to build from his home base and it is paying off in a major way.

His fanbase is growing at a rapid pace as he’s nearing 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify which is major for an evolving artist.

What makes the California native standout is his creative ability to emphasize rap whilst embracing the heavy influences of rock. This is displayed through his impressive catalog and most notably on his latest work, ATTICA.

The project beings with a captivating poem recited by the legendary Three-Six Mafia member, DJ Paul. This moment sets the tone for an up-tempo and boastful body of work where $atori introduces himself to the masses.

NP had to chance to catch up with the emerging talent and discuss an array of topics including ATTICA, blending genres and his beginnings amongst much more. $atori also gave us an exclusive on what’s to come so be sure to pay attention to find out!

In what was a stellar conversation, you can view the full conversation now via YouTube by clicking here. There are also highlights below!

Interview Highlights

Cherry: Thank you for joining us today. I overheard this was one of your first interview, is that correct? And how do you feel?

$atori: Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous because I’ve never been interview so it’s exciting. It’s different being in the spotlight because I’m naturally reserved. It’s outside my comfort zone but I know it comes with the territory.

Cherry: Do your experiences with being around a wide array of cultures influence your expansive sound?

$atori: Absolutely. I don’t have one specific style. I’m into all sorts of music from alternative rock, indie, of course rap, electronic and much more.

Cherry: Let’s talk the new single, Tyson. How’d that come about and what was the inspiration?

$atori: I wanted to do something unexpected with more symbolism. I had an idea of shooting the video in reverse and many people still haven’t noticed that.

Cherry: With the new project ATTICA being out, what’s your vibe right now?

$atori: ATTICA is like my baby. I’m really proud of the work Idid on there. With the whole funk-genre starting to blow up I want to leave my stamp.

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